View Full Version : decals on RCP track?

2004.05.27, 06:22 PM
would it work if i used iron on t-shirt paper and made decals and ironed them on a rcp track or fatigue mat??

2004.05.30, 08:59 PM
would it melt the mats or actually work? could RCP tell me this

2004.05.30, 10:19 PM
Here are some decals i made with my printer. they stick pretty good. if you wanted them to never come you could try spray adhesive.

In the picture they are not stuck on the track. just laying on it

2004.05.30, 10:29 PM
what kind of paper is it? is it regular or tshirt iron on?

2004.05.30, 10:43 PM
its just decal paper i bought at office max. its like the address label stuff only it comes in full sheets.

2004.05.31, 06:12 PM
kool ill try that does it stick well?