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2004.05.29, 11:58 AM
Here are some pics of another autoscale I got today.

2004.05.29, 12:22 PM
you sure have gotten some nice stuff recently ;) i just got the harrier and will be posting pics shortly.

no new racer bodies for me until next week, when i will be unvailing 2 custom paint jobs :cool:

2004.05.29, 12:31 PM
Thanks arch, I cant wait to see the harrier. I bet it handles like the x5. I didnt own a Supra body yet and I loved the paint on this baby

2004.05.29, 05:57 PM
Nice looking body phredd! ;)
I hopr to buy one of those(ready set) next month!

2004.05.29, 05:59 PM
it's much like the au supra...it just takes time for the color scheme to set in. now it's one of my favorites.

2004.05.29, 09:48 PM
I ve had my woodone supra on my rcp track.Really looks good rolling around a track.Like arch said its right up there with the au supra.

2004.05.29, 10:27 PM
Thanks guys. It will be replacing my g'zoxbody. I think it looks better and handles a ton better for me.

2004.06.08, 09:06 PM
My Woodone Tomīs Supra will arrive sometime next week! :D
Canīt wait to have it!!!

How does it handles? What seems to be the best(needed) hop-ups?

2004.06.08, 09:13 PM
I think it handles way beter than my g'zox body. mabe its just me but i think it handles better. I recommend the roll shock set up and the cf h plate and kyosho diff. also dry bearings, x-speed and radial tires 20/30 (front and rear) my car just would not turn untill i installed these hop ups. now it kicks butt.

Carefull with the rear wing. I have already broke it and had to ca glue it. Also the little wings on the front fenders will get knocked off. the mirrors will hold up good. I ran it on a tennis courts through 2 sets of batts at full speed and the car never even tried to flip.

2004.06.08, 09:28 PM
It sounds really nice, canīt wait to have it! :D
What pinion do you run? Do you have central shock?

2004.06.08, 09:32 PM
I have the stock central shock still installed on it. I have been runnind the 9 tooth pinion. On the tennis courts it really flyes with that gear and on the rcp track it keeps my rear end from having to much spin in the curves. it is the right combo for me. (untill I find a better one :D )

2004.06.08, 09:41 PM
Funny story on the rear wing...i never ran the car, put the batts in turned the car on (didnt have the control on...i know, i know) i sat it on the desk and forgot to turn the car off. the next thing that happened the car took off rolled off the desk and landed on the rear wing and broke it in the middle. You should have seen the look on my face standing there holding my newly broken never even been ran on the ground mini-z :(

Oh well I glued it together and hit the track....What fun

2004.06.08, 09:43 PM
Thanks for the info, now the only thing to do is wait until monday..... :p

2004.06.08, 09:56 PM
I know the feeling! My CLK 2003 only run a couple of minutes! I was testing it in my garage and after a few minutes i crashed it to a sewer case and become ruin for racing!
Looks like itīs going to a show! :D
pic#1 (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album256/MVC_006X_sized.jpg)
pic#2 (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album256/MVC_007X_sized.jpg)

2004.06.08, 10:03 PM
that must have been a hellofa hit...lots of damage. like something you would see in a nascar race lol

2004.06.09, 06:29 PM
My CLK 2003 only run a couple of minutes! I was testing it in my garage and after a few minutes i crashed it to a sewer case and become ruin for racing!
Testing it? Were you making a commercial where they intentionally crash a car to prove how safe it is or how stupid people are for not wearing seat-belts? All this time, I thought they were full-size cars and not Mini-Zs. Perhaps, you can make a miniture set up and show some mini-people in a body shop repairing the body. :)

2004.06.09, 09:18 PM
It will look very cool!!!!! :D

2004.06.09, 10:31 PM
diffuser problem....

anybody notice this on their supra's... for the first generation mr01 supa's (tokuhon, au cerumo & esso) the rear diffuser is positioned just right where the capacitor is on the motor... there is some play but at some point it hits the capacitor and limits the roll... to one side...

as for the supra mr02 edition, kyosho probably took notice of this and adjusted the diffuser in question... the only thing is that they should've adjusted the other diffuser as it now can come in contact with the pinion!!! (i changed my pinion to the 9t)

is it just me or has anybody else taken notice? :confused:

but apart from this the body is da bomb...

2004.06.09, 10:59 PM
I had to dremel a little off the inner bumper peice to use my 9 pinion . I thought it was because of my alloy motor housing......

2004.06.09, 11:32 PM
I noticed that,good thing I got mine to run on my 01.It looks as if it would rub too,if it were not lowerd so much.I'd like to know if anyone has noticed that the wheels are offcenter in the wheelwells?Nobody seems to comment on it.I noticed it on my ESSO and my brothers(GT3) WOODone and several pics.A simple fix,just odd that it made it to the shelf like that,very noticable with inchups.