View Full Version : how do i hold guard rails to track?????

2004.06.01, 12:20 AM
how can i gold guard rails to an anti fatigue mats without using tape??

P S my rails are guarden hose

2004.06.01, 12:33 AM
glue? pins?

2004.06.01, 01:25 AM
I know someone that used a hot glue gun to mount pipe insulation to the safety mats, works quite well, but the extra weight and the smoother non-porous surface of garden hose might not work as well.


2004.06.01, 01:55 AM
well its garden hose then i slide foam pipe insulation over it

2004.06.01, 05:15 PM
Garden hose is tough to work with because of its flexibilty and round shape. One way I could think of would be to drill a hole and then twist-tie the hose onto the mats. You can easily get a pack of 100 twist-ties for a few bucks, they're usually found at the electrical section of Home Depot or Lowe's.