View Full Version : track tutorial?

2004.06.02, 05:23 PM
is there a track tutorial some where that shows me how to make a nice track like at the hobby shops?

2004.06.02, 07:16 PM
Just buy an RCP track. They are great: reasonably priced, excellent racing surface, reconfigurable, and also being adopted by many hobby shops, as well as, national race series. They come in two sizes, so you can find the right fit for your space.

I have a couple of the wide track sets and am waiting on an additional mini-tile set.

Geez, I sound like an ad, but, seriously, these are great tracks.

2004.06.02, 07:48 PM
im makin my own track and want some good info

2004.06.03, 03:19 AM
By far the best website I have found with track buidling instructions is latencys site. http://www.latencyproject.com/

Look on the left and scroll down to "Project Links" and theres some stage by stage photos of his track as he built it. Maybe not as detailed as it could have been but these things take a lot of time to put together so hats off to latency for doing it.

Theres a lot of other tracks out there but not many people have put together "how-to's". The swedish guys have some excellent tracks but are lacjing detailed photos and maybe hints on how they built them (hint hint !!!!)

Hope this helps,


2004.06.03, 02:03 PM
I agree with Max, just buy an RCP track. I have built several tracks and spent plenty of money doing so. After all is said an done, I now have an RCP track and wouldn't have it any other way. The traction is excellent and consistent, the barriers are car friendly, and the best part is the configuration possiblities are huge and you can change it in a few minutes. By the time you get done buying track materials, carpet, tar paper, rubber sheeting, or some Kragen/Sam's Club interlocking foam mats, you would have spent less money just getting the RCP track and have much better results. Not to mention the RCP track has a specially grooved texture on one side that gives incredible traction and the others do not come close IMHO.

2004.06.04, 11:25 AM
I'd agree with you guys if RCP tracks were sold in the UK ......... hint hint to RCP dude..... :rolleyes:

I happen to have some wooden boards left over from a recent house move so I am "recycling" them and making a track for my garage. Something on the lines of latencys raceway - ie its (hopefully) going to look "realistic". If the RCP tracks were available here and at a decent price then I'd burn the wood and buy one of the mini-tile sets :D