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2004.06.03, 02:05 PM
The following is an announcement posted on TinyRC addressing the event that occured on TinyRC.com a sister site to Mini-ZRacer.com by TinyRC/Mini-Z (Site Admin.)

TinyRC.com Forums Hacked
Yesterday evening, the Forums were compromised, causing a message to appear at the top of all pages, and an email to be sent to all users. We've restored from the latest backup, so about half a day's posts were lost, and we've patched the Forums software to the latest version to prevent that hack from occuring again. A lot of users were alarmed by the email they received - rest assured, the hacker did not actually do anything to your account - however, you may wish to change your password regardless. Everything should be back to normal now - enjoy the Forums!

Update: We've had a number of users email us, asking if personal information was compromised during the attack - the Forums where the only part of the site attacked, it does not in any way affect your orders, shop information, PayPal account etc. All they did was cause a message to appear at the top of the site, and an email to be automatically sent to all Forum members. No other damange was done or information lost, and it's all restored to normal now.

2004.06.03, 05:08 PM
Whew! That's a relief....I got 4 of those E-Mails, and i thought the person got into my personal E-Mail. Thank goodness it's all fixed now :)

2004.06.03, 06:12 PM
I thought the same thing, scared the crap out me :eek:

Ken Mifune
2004.06.03, 06:31 PM
Usually, there is a risk only if you actually open the message.