View Full Version : Would This be good for A track?

2004.06.04, 04:46 PM
Ok I went to Walmart today to get some Oil For my car when I found some Yoga Tredmill Floor Mats they are Like Puzzle pieces that measure 2" by 2" and there are 8 of them i think..... anyways they were 17.99, would they make good track....

Here You go http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.gsp?product_id=2603666&cat=77736&type=5&dept=4125&path=0%3A4125%3A4134%3A77736 check it out it comes in Blue Black and White, those are the colors Ive seen at the store......

I think Im gonna pick some up before the day is over

2004.06.04, 07:08 PM
These appear to the be same safety mats sold at Sam's Club for $15.94 for 8, I have a boat load of them.


2004.06.04, 07:25 PM
wow price change.... 50% off

i got a total of 12 mats for the price of six.... LoL Yeah

now what should I use for walls
PVC, Cardbord, or wood?

2004.06.04, 08:01 PM
damn davkin how did you make the barriers...?? and what did you use to secure them with?... Double sided tape...glue? It looks like you used the Smoother side the one without the ridges..... and Im only Running on 6 x 8 foot track it had to fit in my room........

2004.06.05, 12:56 AM
I used 1 X 1 foam rubber strip for the barriers. I bought it from a local industrial gasket supplier for about $15 for 25 ft. I lined it with 1/16" styrene strip. I bought a 4' X 8' sheet from a plastics warehouse and had them cut it into 1" strips for me, a little under $20 total. I added the styrene strip because I don't like how foam catches and stops the cars suddenly. I used 3M spray adhesive to glue it all together.

Another guy that's a member of our club used foam pipe insulation like you buy at Home Depot and fastened it to the mats using a hot glue gun. He brought part of his track over once and we tried it out, it works pretty good and since it's cheaper and easier to do it might be the way to go for you.


2004.06.05, 10:43 AM
Currently Im using Plexiglass... and PVC Piping to keep everything up, the track im trying to make will not be permanent, I wanna be able to remove it when ever I dont wanna see it.

This is what I have soo far
12 Mats - 20
Plexiglass - Free
PVC - Free
Duct Tape Free

This is a project for people that dont wanna spend Lots of money for a track

2004.06.12, 02:53 PM
aren't those the slippery interlocking tiles?

for a little more you could get a more absorbant shop tile

2004.06.14, 06:13 PM
Guys, I'm right with ya, I use that and pins, literally sewing pins.

I have added more pads, and more barriers, but so far its been good. Over the summer is when I plan to race alot.

I race my Iwaver, and my epoch