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2002.02.11, 07:35 AM
Why dont you have so images apper in the threads if I use the IMG button? Now it's only showing a link to the image.

We have the same board on one of our sites and it works damn nice. + You dont have to upload all images to your site.

Like this:

2002.02.11, 10:26 AM
My original asumption was he had it off, because some ppl like to post pictures of things that just dont belong ;) -- and pictures that are like 10x wider then the typical screen sizes most users use. - wich in some cases would not matter, the gallery area, wich is pictures only.... should allow the img command...

2002.02.11, 02:31 PM
We have them disabled for the reasons Drac said, plus the fact that modem users may not want to have to download them, plus if you've seen them already yesterday you might want to just scroll down to the new post without having to see the pics. I'll think about allowing them as an option if enough people want it.

2002.02.11, 03:26 PM
Yeah, I know, there are always assholes out there that post images that are huge or dont have anything with Mini-Z to do.
But if you are on a modem and like to read the post that are in the end of a thread, the text appear befor all the images are loaded. So you still can read. Most people have or are getting broadband now days.
We had a simular discussion on our board and the only downside that people had was this people that had like ISDN and had to pay for each downloaded MB. So...

Maby you can do a poll.

2002.02.11, 05:08 PM
IS there a way to DEFAULT it to OFF in the user profile? and then let the user turn it on? So if they have it off, they just see the link to img file.. and if they have it on the img pops up... I remember seeing something like that on a forum wasnt sure if it was this program or not.

2002.02.13, 04:06 AM
Yes that is possible in this type of board...

Show image attachments and [img] code in Posts?
Selecting no will show a hyperlink instead.

So if this board had images on, people that have slow conections can turn it of.