View Full Version : my 15 cell mini-z

2004.06.12, 09:57 PM
here you go, this thing flies, no joke. clocked it at about 37mph today.

2004.06.12, 10:03 PM
haha, very funny... :rolleyes:

2004.06.13, 12:21 AM
might get 38 if you connect the 9 volt....


2004.06.13, 12:51 AM
How about a 45 mph Pro-Z with only 10 cells?

2004.06.13, 11:08 AM
Who you tryin to fool here, Stevey Wonder? Make the photos more blury i can still make out that none of the batterys have wires connected to them. You might be right....Take that **** for a drive in mommies minivan and huck it out the window..you might get 35Mph outta it. LOL ROFLMAO HAHA LLAMA NOOPIE

2004.06.13, 03:24 PM
yo do you really think i was serious man? the whole thing is taped together with electrical tape. its a ****ing joke and the fact that you cant realize that is pretty sad.

2004.06.13, 04:29 PM
B...bb...b..but you said "no joke...!" WAAAAAAAAH.....!!! :rolleyes:

2004.06.13, 05:06 PM
the sad part is if someone realy made one that worked and magicly the pcb doesn't catch on fire, it would be so slow with the weight of all those batteries it would be lucky to move faster than 2mph.

2004.06.13, 08:23 PM
I figured the super crappy resolution and clearity was your weak attempt to get a newbie to look at your post more than once....Keep up the waist my time work there buddy =] The fact that you cant tell sarcasm is realy sad. Perhaps all the Wanna-B 1337 chitter Chat at the end might have keyed you off to the fact that your post was so lame that someone had to make fun of your sorry azz. Have fun with your Elec' Tape and pull ties. Maybe next time you can strap a alarm clock to a mini-z and tell everyone you got the "back-to-the-futur" readyset.
Good Luck McFly

2004.06.13, 08:55 PM
here you go! already did that last project you last mentioned. it works really well.

Ken Mifune
2004.06.13, 09:36 PM
The fully compressed front suspension cracks me up.

Others can sell the attitude and buy a sense of humor.

2004.06.14, 01:25 AM
Thumbs up! Now we'r cookin' with Quantum Phyiscs! You can Bust out some serious Donuts and still make your VD check up lol.