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2004.06.16, 05:17 AM
Hello, my name is Chakib, I am 13 years old and I live in France.
I have an OVERLAND, here is the photo... :rolleyes:

2004.06.16, 05:39 AM
welcome! when the image finishes dowloading sometime today i'll have more to say ;)

in the mean time, glad to have you here and hope to see more :D

2004.06.16, 07:00 AM
Whew...I had to give up downloading the pic. I would like to see it though

2004.06.16, 10:22 AM
Sorry for the slowness of the downloading of the pictures but I do not know why that makes that :confused: ... give me your emails and I give you the pictures...

2004.06.16, 02:13 PM
Chakib, I couldn't get the picture either - why not use the Attach Files feature to post your pics here? Thanks! :)

Viper racer
2004.06.16, 07:16 PM
hey chakib,
cool car u got there (and sure did take a while)
is that an LED in the chassis ? looks cool anyway.

2004.06.17, 01:10 AM
hope this helps

2004.06.22, 06:07 PM
cool pic i like the underlighting

2004.08.23, 05:50 PM
hey red where in raliegh do you live at do you know the apex cary area??