View Full Version : Ferrari F2003-GA and Subaru WRC

2004.06.22, 01:39 PM
Took a few shots of my Z's. First one is my Ferrari F2003-GA and the second one is my Subaru WRC for the (almost) stock MR01 class at our club.

Ferrari F2003-GA:
Side view (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Ferrari2k301.jpg)
Three quarter view front (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Ferrari2k302.jpg)
Front view (3deg camber GPM knuckles) (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Ferrari2k303.jpg)
Three quarter view rear (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Ferrari2k304.jpg)

Subaru WRC:
Side view (Square inch ups combined with TopCad brake disks (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Subaru01.jpg)
Quarter view front (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Subaru02.jpg)
Three quarter view front (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Subaru03.jpg)
Three quarter view rear (http://www.getfragged.nl/~sm0lders/Mini-Z/forum/Subaru04.jpg)

2004.06.22, 01:47 PM
They look sweet! Do the 3 deg knuckles make a big difference?
Looking at the pictures of the Ferrari you can see the the difference the knuckles make i just wonder how it makes it drive better.

2004.06.22, 02:10 PM
I did a short test with them at the office and I have 20deg tires on the front and rear of the car. They give less grip then standard knuckles when driving in a straight line which is perfect because I'm running 20degs overall. But when going into a corner the car roles a bit and the camber of the wheel alows it to touch more tracksurface which means more grip, it's very usefull when entering a hairpin. This setup is ment for a very technical track.

2004.06.22, 02:47 PM
and with my mini tile track that may be what i need....

2004.06.22, 07:51 PM
Cool pics. i especially like the ferrari with full tobacco livery and bridgestone decals. very nice. Definately don't want to take that to the track.

2004.06.24, 03:33 AM
hehe WestF1, I'm actually going to take it to the track next weekend :)