View Full Version : "Custom Xmod" Nissan Skyline Gtr34

2004.06.23, 11:06 PM
"Nissan Skyline V-spec Gtr34" :cool:

-Custom "Silver" Paint :cool:
-Custom "Fog" Lights built in to the Bodykit"
-Duel Underbody neon "Blue"
-Custom "Chrome" OZ racing "RimZ"
-Stage 2 motor upgrade
-Wild "Versus" Bodykit"

*Mostly everything I do on my cars are CUSTOM" :cool: *

2004.06.23, 11:12 PM
If you want to see photos of my Xmod, visit Gallery TNB.

Edit: I did read something about an Enzo, but it appears that some of your posts and threads are disappearing about as fast as they can be read. Then again, three of them did appear to be the same thing. Are you going to post photos of the Enzo too or just the Xmods?

2004.06.23, 11:23 PM
Yes; i do own a Kyosho Mini Z actually i just bought it a few weeks ago so i havent had much time to "Customize" it but i will soon...... But its a "Ferrari Enzo"
with the new built in chassie" gloss red paint"

2004.06.23, 11:26 PM
My Mini-Zs usually get the hop-ups before they get started. I own an Enzo too and even have a spare Enzo body that's seen its share of hits since the Enzo was first released in the US.

2004.06.23, 11:27 PM
ya ill try to post pics of my Enzo as well" When its to where i want it But hopefully ill post them soon.... with my xmods... i also have a civic xmod that is customized pretty well... :cool:

2004.06.23, 11:31 PM
You may have noticed but the photo underneath "TNB"--That is an Enzo. When I purchased my "only" Xmod, I purchased every hop-up that Shack had in stock. Then I went to another Shack and purchased what I couldn't find at the first Shack. Of course, the total car price and hop-ups were less than what I usually put into a Mini-Z F1, but then again, the F1 runs a lot better than my Xmod. Are you competing in the XRL Tournament?

2004.06.23, 11:35 PM
Ive considered it but on my cars that i have right now they are built like for show... all the parts and custom things i build for them are really expensive to get to i try not to compete my car in anything that much but i Might with my "Enzo" :cool: i probably goin to trick out the engine more then the looks of the car"

2004.06.23, 11:37 PM
You might do what with your Enzo? Compete in the XRL Tournament or Kyosho Mini-Z-Regional?

2004.06.23, 11:44 PM
I might compete in the "XRL tournament"

"So wat are all the rc cars that u have" ???are u in to customizing them alot?? :cool:

2004.06.23, 11:51 PM
You can't race a Mini-Z-MR-02 in the XRL Tournament. The R/Cs I own are listed in my signature. There are also photos in Gallery TNB.

2004.06.23, 11:55 PM
OOOO! :mad: man i thought u could well guess not them..... well i got this one prob on my enzo " when i put my car on the floor i give it throttle but the wheels arent moving but the pins are moving but not moving the tires " Wat should i do its goin very SLOW"!!!! :mad:

2004.06.24, 12:03 AM
Why would you think you could race a Mini-Z in an Xmod tournament? Change the batteries.

2004.06.24, 03:21 PM
Sorry i dont have much knowledge on all the tournaments yet so i thought u could but i might race one of my xmods in that tournament (XRL)" then race my mini Z somewhere else :rolleyes: