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2004.06.26, 09:16 AM
Just a couple pics of my new auto scale. I havent seen many of these bodys. I really liked it so here it is

2004.06.26, 12:43 PM
nice body,I've been wanting to get one of those myself.Sounds like it would turn on a dime being the only short wheelbase body.I like those wheels to,are they standard non offset fronts?

2004.06.26, 12:50 PM
Someone in Palmdale raced one very similar to that and it was so quiet. It seemed to run very well.

2004.06.26, 01:45 PM
I like those wheels to,are they standard non offset fronts?
The rears are wide but all are non offset. I have the San Remo #4 autoscale. I put it on my MR01 F40 chassis and ran it it runs like a rally car.

2004.06.26, 03:55 PM
Thanks guys...I havent got to run it yet since I broke my servo gears last thursday on race night. Seams like every other week I break a set of gears. And its not just me almost every racer there has broken his servo gear. I have ordered a set of metal gears they should arrive next week. Then I will get to try out my Rally Monte Carlo :cool:

2004.06.26, 05:12 PM
nice body and nice les paul in the background

2004.06.26, 07:14 PM
That pic was intentional.....wanted to see if anyone would notice.....one of my "other" hobbies

I have way to many...

2004.06.27, 12:13 AM
That pic was intentional.....wanted to see if anyone would notice.....one of my "other" hobbies

I have way to many...

i've got a couple of guitars to. i got a ibanez rg550 with a carvin neck, carlo rabelli acoustic bass, acoustic fender and a lucero nylon stringed classical. and not to mention a 1997 kawasaki zx7r in the garage. there's no such thing as way to many hobbies even if they drain your wallet if they make you happy that's all that matters. btw anyone else here ride?

Bad Company
2004.07.12, 09:01 PM
I have been wanting and looking for this body, where did you find it?

2004.07.12, 09:07 PM
Thanks BC, It doesnt handle as well as I hoped and will live out the rest of its life on a shelf

Belive it or not I got it right here in the shop. Last I looked they still had them in stock ;)

2004.07.13, 03:31 AM
Do the Headlight's go down? i like the lights down look better now racing which handles better short or long ?

2004.07.13, 06:53 AM
It comes with the screw on down version of the headlights and fog light covers. I prefer the long wheel base. the short tends to spin out and can get a little squriley.

Ryan Gardner
2005.03.05, 05:18 PM
It comes with the screw on down version of the headlights and fog light covers. I prefer the long wheel base. the short tends to spin out and can get a little squriley.

Sounds like you weren't too impressed with the body when you said it would live the rest of it's life on a shelf... I was thinking about this body because of the short wheel base and the rally-car look. My club is starting a rally-car section in May and I need to get my rally car going.

How much clearance is there under the fender? I am going to cut down some of the plastic in my MR-01 steering area to give it more travel in the front, and I will tweak it in the rear.

The course we will be running on will be 12" lanes and fairly technical. I will put a ball diff in it, and depending on the terrain sections I might lock it - or leave it open depending on how tight the turns are...

Is this body good for tight handling - not worring about the spinning out aspect? How durable do you think it is? Can it hold up to a severe beating? How much would you want for your shelf queen?

2005.03.05, 06:17 PM
I have run mine on my MR01 chassis with the ASC wheels, my problem was the Atomic tires that I used it rolled too easy. Other than that it is a ball to run. And these things look to be very tough as well. I haven't run it with the 01F rear pod on it, just the original pod. The 01F may allow it to track corners better. This body also has a ton of clearance with the ASC wheels too. Even with the stock setup it drives like a rally car, a lot of fun with magazines and such to run over. Had it up on two wheels at times.

2005.03.05, 08:02 PM
In fact I set the body on the chassis after I shortened it with the F40 offset wheels still on it (I was not and did not run it this way), and the wheels did not look out of place on this body.

Cool, it is in the shop the #1 Monte Carlo that is. Here
And both of mine came from here at the shop. I got the San Remo first then the Monte Carlo second.

2005.03.05, 08:26 PM
Will it fit on a MR02 RM?

2005.03.05, 08:35 PM
I can't say it will. It fits the MR01 chassis like a glove, that is it is real close around the batteries. The MR02 chassis is somewhat wider there, something other than the wider frontend comming into play here. But if you want to cut it up you can make anything fit, but it may be best to work with the Kyosho MR015RM chassis set to the shortest setting.

Ryan Gardner
2005.03.06, 01:57 AM
I was thinking of modding my Subaru body - but I would need to shave too much plastic off of it to make it look cool. Which looks cooler in real life, the San Remo, or the Monte Carlo version? I was thinking the San Remo at first - but the Monte Carlo is growing on me.

The San Remo is not in stock anywhere (well, maybe one place but I can't reveal my sources ;))... I'm going to modify my body to match the setup that Davekin did on his to make it a rally-car http://www.minizracer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=174325&postcount=6 I'm going to probably add it to my most recent order. The only thing I don't like about it is that the MR-01 lacks the brakes my MR02 has - so I have a tendency to throw it in reverse when I want to slow down. (it slows me down, that's for sure!)... I'll just have to adjust my style I guess...

2005.03.06, 03:15 AM
The San Remo is the one I like best. Maybe because you don't see that one very often. The Monte Carlo I have seen that one everywhere. Not just the Kyosho ASC but the Tamiya kit as well. The black /red /white on the San Remo to me look's sweet.

2005.03.06, 07:24 AM
Here is my Pirelli Stratos:

Oh yeah, this might be interesting too:
http://www.rallye-magazin.de/index.php?PHPSESSID=dc47d0e70738fbd9fffb6c0d254048 4d&newsID=6645&view=news_detail
It's the Lancia Stratos Concept 2005. I hope Lancia will return to the WRC.


2005.03.06, 07:34 AM
Will it fit on a MR02 RM?
Don't think so. The 02 is too wide in front...

Ryan Gardner
2005.03.06, 01:20 PM
How do the headlights attach? I dont' see any screw holes for them - yet in one picture they are on, and in another they are off? I assume they don't pop up on a hinge or anything...

Just for curiosity - how hard would it be to put LEDs in those lights? They don't have those Kyosho LED plugs in them already, do they? How much dremeling and how hard would it be to make it look good with actual LEDs on the light bar (and headlights)...

2005.03.06, 03:41 PM
Don't think so. The 02 is too wide in front...

Yes the front is one thing, but also the sides of this body is closer than most other Kyosho bodies. So the battery configuration comes into play as well. I covered this above. While you might pull the body out to fit over that, it will not lock down. At least without major trimming of the rocker panels to clear it.

But if you want to cut it up you can make anything fit.

The headlights are screwed on from the bottom like the FC and FD ASC's. With the parts in a bag taped under the baseplate. No LED plugs anywhere on these.

2005.03.11, 10:03 PM
Will it fit on a MR02 RM?

MR015 Chassis set

This is about the only way I know to run a servo saver with this body.

2005.10.13, 02:52 PM
I got ahold of yet another Lancia Stratos ASC from another member here some time back. Yet another Monty Carlo decoration, but this one is an older non glosscoat body. Comparing the two the colors on the non glosscoat look's brighter and the colors seem to pop more. I more or less bought it because I want one I can race around (I'll be running the glosscoat one), these things look to cool to just set in a case. Yet another three in a row post.

2006.01.02, 06:56 PM
love the stratos do you know if they fit on the awd model

2006.01.02, 07:06 PM
That body is just too darn short to fit the MA 01. The Straros wheelbase is 86mm S and the shortest MA 01 setting is 90mm M. That and the windshield is set back too far, it would hit the PCB cover and crystal socket. I have run one on the MR015 chassis, that is a little ball of fun with it's short wheelbase.