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2004.06.27, 12:42 AM
Hi All.

My Mini Tile 96 arrived and, after some negotiations with the significant other, I got my space back in the house to set it up. She even helped me do it. :D

It was easy to assemble, but much more difficult to smooth out than my Wide L was. I still have a couple spots that redirect the cars as they pass over them but with a little work, I know it will be fine.

I discovered I'll need to improve my driving skill. I had my Wide L setup as an oval due to space constraints and got used to turning left. This is much more fun but I need to learn how to turn right now. :o My NSX jumps the guard rail pretty easily. So far the others haven't.

Anyway.....Here are some pics of the layout. It's not an original but it fits in my space for now. I've included a pic of the timing bridge (with starting lights) that will be used on it. It's shown on the Wide Oval. It will have to be modified to fit the new lane width. The last pic is of the sign I intstalled on the timing bridge. Hippygeek is my nickname and hopefully the name of my new hobby store. I highly recommend you get one of these tracks, if you don't have one already. I'm having a blast.

RCPMini-Z.....Thanks again for your response to my email. I'm meeting with an investor this coming week to see if this is viable. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for an awesome product.

2004.06.27, 12:53 AM
What kind of timing system are you using?


2004.06.27, 12:56 AM
congrats on the new track. I would like to here more about the timing light. is it home made?

2004.06.27, 01:20 AM
I'm using the laser timing system. Although I used my own design for the bridge, I followed the instructions given here http://www.latencyproject.com/miniz/timer/timer.html

The starting light system has been talked about before here on the site. I've included a pic of the wiring diagram I used. I bought 12 volt led's from www.superbrightleds.com and since they do not pull much power, the relays were not necessary. The starting lights connect to the same parallel connector as the timer and the software shown on the latency site controls them. I bought the chip from www.digikey.com.