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2004.07.01, 12:19 PM
Hello all this may have been answered in one of the other threads but I figured it would make a nice sticky so here goes,

1. What are the hours of operation for practice and the current race schedule?
2. What classes are run, and the specific rules of each?
3. Where in Cloumbus are you located, and what parts and services do you have on hand?
4. Can one be competitive with a basically stock Z in at least one of the classes?
5. Do you run Xmods?

Thanks Josh

Tom Thumb Hobby
2004.07.01, 10:16 PM
Hi Josh,

Thanks for the interest in our racing program. I will try and answer all your questions.

1. Store hours are 12:00 to 8:30 Tuesday - Saturday. Sunday 12:00 to 5:00. Closed on Mondays. Racing in the summer is held on Wednesday nights and practice on Saturdays 12 - 5. Send me an email to mike@tomthumbhobbies.com and I will send you a schedule in pdf form.

2. We run Mini-Z stock (MR01 or 02 - 01 are allowed to use ball diff), MR-01 Mod (any mod part allowed), MR-02 Mod (same as 01), F1 Mod (ditto), Overland Mod ( ditto again), and Prototype Z ( ie handbuilt or some of the CF cars available, Mini-X's etc.)

3. We are on the west side of Columbus...460 Wilson Rd to be exact. We have a good selection of parts and cars from Kyosho, GPM, PN, Megatech, TOP etc.

4. Yes you can be competitive with a stock Z. At our last race the Stock A MAin was the most exciting of the night with a very new racer and a returning racer neck and neck for most of an 8 minute race. It was so exciting that I don't think anyone really cared who ended up the winner.

5. We intend to run X-Mods but have not had enough show up to have a race. The X-Mods (so far) have been significantly slower and have to be run separate from a Mini-Z.

If you have any more question please ask or email me. I hope you can join us for some racing sometime soon.

2004.07.02, 12:41 AM
Whats the cost per class, and what time does the racing start?