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ice the rc man
2004.07.03, 05:02 PM
While I'm waiting for a replacement idler gear i decided to mess about a bit with my OL :)

I increased the stroke of the shocks, not the normal way using the rubber tube etc. but by extending up the threaded hole in the ball cup :) seems to have helped a fair bit.

Changed the bumper a little, to me its alot more pleasing to look at, still needs a gloss coat and polishing.

Description of the images:

front.jpg - Just a poser
naked.jpg - shot of the chassis
clear.jpg - ground clearance
sidea.jpg - side on articulation shot

Not sure what the max attachment size is, will see if this works...

2004.07.03, 09:10 PM
Very nice "stock" OL, mine started out that way too, but then I got bit by the bug and the rest is history...........after a lot of time and considerable amount of money, my OL is now about as bullet proof as they can get, the only stock parts left are the chassis and diff

3012 Chassis shot
2529 Body shot

ice the rc man
2004.07.04, 11:23 AM
i like to think of it as super stock

like the super stock clods i used to build

what i find fun about the car/truck parts of the rc hobby is making parts myself, or modding the stock parts, imo far more fun than throwing money at it :)

at least, thats what i'm sticking too till i have enough spare cash to throw at it ;)

Not that i dont like your truck, i do. very shiney, and gotta be real strong. Great body, But how much is you handywork?

Anyway, thanks :)