View Full Version : Initial D RX-7 FD3S

2004.07.03, 06:32 PM
Here is a shot of my new Initial D RX-7 FD3S

2004.07.03, 07:27 PM
Nice!!! :cool:
I got the blue FD3S

I gotta buy a dremel to make holes for the head lights.

2004.07.03, 07:38 PM
Ive seen the blue one. Nice body. Im not planning on racing this one. its gonna be just for show. (ive said that so many times and end up racing it any way)


2004.07.03, 07:42 PM
Thats the same thing I said but the white wall paint on the front bumper says something different :D

2004.07.03, 09:54 PM
nice autoscale. i saw the same one for sale at a different site they were asking $50 for it. is it a limited edition or something?

2004.07.03, 09:57 PM
I think it might be...minizworld has it for $39

2004.07.03, 11:38 PM
Thats nice, I picked one up some time back with the white FC. Both are staying in the box BTW, I love the box art as well. I may put mine away with my Mach GoGoGo autoscale (of course that was originaly a readyset), in my Anime collection.

When I got mine my heart sank when I saw what looked like a scrape on the door, but I was releaved to find out it was just a smudge that came right off.

2004.07.03, 11:41 PM
I know what you mean. I took it out of the box for the pic than quickly put it back in before something happened.

2004.07.04, 05:25 PM
Hey pHREDD thats a nice body ;) lol Its just like mine but mine is blue and has a set of "body Kit" style flares on the sides. I will point them out next thursday night if needed. Yours may have them I just cant see them in the photo. I also have some nice red flames that would look SWEET on that yellow body ;) for the others that havent seen it yet heres my RX-7 with custom tribal graphics.

2004.07.04, 06:15 PM
Cool lookin graphics.....the car looks raced if you know what I mean....as far as my yellow car.....I may keep it as is for now ;)

2004.07.04, 10:44 PM
Great lookin body, pHREDD! :D
Wish I had an H-plate :o
Can't wait for it to come :mad:

2004.07.04, 10:48 PM
Hey dude if you have an autoscale display chassie lying around and a good sharp pointed knife you can make your own, I did. Just trace the seperate pieces of the old one that broke and start lightly and repetively tracing the lines with the knife. or if you have one lying around you could use a dremmel with a cut off-wheel. :D

2004.07.04, 10:49 PM
Wish I had an H-plate :o

I think Hobby Town has them in stock if you just cant wait ;)

2004.07.04, 10:52 PM
Hey wait just a second ;) is that David? :eek: Did he finally join the forums?

2004.07.04, 10:55 PM
Yeah he finially got on.... :D

About time ;)

2004.07.04, 10:57 PM
The uppercase ENZO embedded in his name along with being a new member and needing an H-plate gave him away :P

2004.08.25, 08:27 PM
CHeck this out....I got it at wal mart and it comes with 2 figures

2004.08.25, 08:33 PM
Jada toys, me and arch was talking about those in off topic. I love those figures that come with it. How much are they selling for?

2004.08.25, 08:45 PM
It was $15 for the kit. THey had it and the black skyline with 2 different figures. I will get it next week. :D I hate to admit but im in wal mart once a week and they must have just got them in. There are 4 cars listed on the box....The Truneo the Skyline and both RX7's. I hope at least 1 of the kits have the female figures included. :p