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T Man
2004.07.05, 03:25 PM
According to PN's website, this new motor does not require the use of an external turbo. Does this mean that it wouldn't require a FET stack either? It looks like it has all the features of the S03, but without the requirement of an external turbo.

Here's the link:


2004.07.05, 04:09 PM
I clicked on that link and in bold red letters it has, "Does require use of external speed controller (known as an e-turbo)". The key words being "does require." The PN-Racing website has the same exact wording.


T Man
2004.07.05, 04:33 PM
Whoops. I feel stupid now. :(

T Man
2004.07.05, 04:35 PM
I swear that I read that it didn't require the turbo somewhere! Oh well... :D

2004.07.06, 01:27 PM
for the time being, fet stack + pnS03 is pretty quick. Just put it on my outlaw chassis and it does wonders with 10t pinion :D

2004.07.07, 02:15 PM
How many here have the so3 or 04 and IF YOU DO....HOW MANY volts do you believe it could handle?? I was told between 4.8-6 from PN racing. BUT...I want to try and use it with my 7.2v micro car I have.....Do you really think the 7.2 v.....that 1.2 v extra would seriously fry the motor...EVEN if you kept it clean and lubed?

pomme de terre
2004.07.07, 03:20 PM
ikinari ran 6cell with S03... which is 7.2v
hell, you can even hook up a 9v motor to these motors
its just that life shortens.. heats up quick...

2004.07.11, 06:57 PM
a 9 volt battery can't pass the current to fry anything, they pass like 200ma tops.

2004.07.11, 07:51 PM
Whoops. I feel stupid now. :(

Don't feel stupid....just yet!

Actually, about 1 out of 2 of the SO4 motors you CAN run
without a Fet update as long as you check the amp draw.
I have been running the PN racing SO4s in my MR-02s since
the motor can out.

I have a few SO4 motors that draw the same as a X-Speed
motor. I gear them no higher then a 9 tooth pinion.
Also, don't try to push anything.

You can get away with running fast but
there is a fine line here....And your walking on the edge!

I play to win..

Peace :)