View Full Version : FET UPGRADE......Fantastic!

2004.07.08, 12:32 AM
Hi Guy's This is my first post and I'm from New Zealand, Just have to say that I have just had a FET upgrade to a stage 4 from these good guy's at mini-z, Had good communication with all my question's and give me all the info I needed. Now I have the rc borad back and in my Monster.......WOW even with the X-speed it is a totally a different truck!! It pulls little wheel stand's from standing still and gunning it! A lot more torque for climbing. Will flip right over if you do the backward to forward move!! I am very happy with my new truck and the service I got. I have two Monster's..40th and T1 both with x-speed's but just the 40th with the fet's in it, racing together there is a noticable speed increase. A few extas I have added to the 40th are Alloy shock's,alloy wheel's, 40 deg tire's, Midnight driver light kit, alloy front and rear shock mount's, motor heat sink and battery heat sink all in blue, blue ball diff and on the T1 just a bearing kit. Do have a44 T-gear but make's a yuk noise!! make's it sound very cheap! That's about it from me good reading on here as these are not a big thing here! part's here are overpriced, I have got all my parts of e-bay, How's this the ball diff I got cost me in NZ$ WAS 12.00! with shipping! Here they are $84.00! I think over your way they are anywhere between $19.00 to 35.00us Check e-bay guy's!! Thanks for reading this Catch you guy's later.


2004.07.26, 03:16 PM
I've been considering the fet upgrade and after reading this i want to do it even more thanks for the feedback