View Full Version : Initial D RX-7 FC3S & Toyota Altezza 280T

2004.07.10, 10:29 PM
Heres a couple shots of my New AutoScales

I have seen pics of the Toyota before on here but I havent seen the RX-7 yet...Im sure someone here has it.

2004.07.11, 04:30 AM
So you have both the FC and the FD now?


2004.07.11, 12:00 PM
Yes I have both...and the Initial D AE86 Trueno is on the way

2004.07.11, 06:15 PM
they both look sweet! i just got a altezza palm runner for my girl, now i have to paint it to match her 1:1 lexus is300.

dumb question what is initial d?

2004.07.11, 06:26 PM
Thanks cam2, i think it has something to do with a cartoon from japan.....Im not real sure.....

2004.07.11, 06:38 PM
and the Initial D AE86 Trueno is on the way

I been trying to track down the "Hatchi- Roku" myself.

2004.07.11, 06:45 PM
its been out of stock just about as long as i have been doing mini-z's. I got mine at rc mart. should be here by Tuesday.