View Full Version : "Are the tracks for the XRL tournament are they difficult to manuever in"?"HELP"!!!

2004.07.11, 08:28 PM
i want to know is the tracks hard to manuever in with the xmods "is there a lot of turns so wat kind of modificattions do u have to do to the steering " PLZ help!are there really good drivers if u had personal experience at an XRL tournament?? :cool:

2004.07.11, 08:53 PM
Hondatunerz2002, The layout is similar to the Mini-96 configuration with a few modifications made to create space for marshals to assist cars. It is very easy to maneuver. The track has a few side bumps to make it a little more challenging on some of the straights and there is one side bump at the finish line, so the Ambrc finish line loop, will not pick up cars on adjacent lanes.

There have been some really good drivers at some of the first few events, but anyone that drives a good line, has a chance of finishing high. Speed of the cars is not so much an issue, as a good line and consistent laps. Stay away from other drivers cars as much as possible, because there are people competing with a variety of skill levels and collisions will definitely slow you down.
The winners have pretty much had a flawless run. I think a little luck will also help. ;)

I personally know some of the racers from the Kyosho Cup series are planning on entering one of the regionals in their area. Look for them to place high.

2004.07.11, 10:02 PM
Here is the link to the regional layout.

2004.07.12, 12:24 AM
thanx so u think if i use the stage 1 motor because the stage 1 accelerates quick so if i use that but keep nice clean laps i shouldnt have a problem? :D :rolleyes:

my skyline im using for the tournament has the following upgrades:

-Everything is stock on the body part except for the carbon fiber hood from the and the spoiler both from the bodykit pack for "RS" but under the hood i got stage 1 motor, upgraded steering, blue rear suspension, stock front suspension, that pretty much it for the car i kept mostly everything stock on the body because so my car would be light and wouldnt have any extra weight on it .. :rolleyes:

-But i kinda have one prob with my car when i turn it on and i startt to drive it it turns left but barely turns right everytime i turn my car on i have to configure the trim wat should i do so it doesnt make this mistake out on the XRL tournament !!
PLZ HELP!!! :eek: :rolleyes: :cool: :) :)

2004.07.12, 01:07 AM
My guess is that you will need to move up to a Stage 2 motor to win since the track is not that technical and there are only three sharp turns. The other two turns appear to be widened to make room for the turn-marshalls.

Since you don't have a track, but since the dimensions are on the Xmods RC website, you could try to lay out the regional qualifying track by simply using some garden hose on a flat consistant surface. Although the surface may not be the same as the RCP Track, you may still get some sort of idea how fast you can drive the layout and adjust your stage motors to suit your driving ability. At the very least, you'll be familiar with the layout.

2004.07.12, 02:10 PM
ya maybe :rolleyes: but the thing that i like about the stage 1 motor is that it gets up and goes very quickly and on the turns if i lose to much speed i could get up and go again and very fast pace... :) but if i put the stage2 in "YES" its faster on the straight aways but theres only one straight away and its only 21 ft long and then most of the track is turns so thats why i put stage 1 because even if i lose time on the straight away i could still do much better than them on the turns because my car accelerates much quicker than theres :D :cool:

2004.07.12, 04:00 PM
Simply time yourself. Set up the layout like I suggested and experiment with the different motors. Eventually, you'll find out which motor is better suited to your driving skills on the layout. However, remember the car set up will also probably need to be changed since the race is on an RCP Track. In my opinion, that is one disadvantage you may have and that is because it appears that you have never ran on an RCP Track, yet I know there are Mini-Z clubs in the bay area with RCP Tracks. Find one and try running your car on it. If not, one of the people with both an RCP Track and an Xmod may out race you and the others who made 19 laps.

2004.07.12, 05:15 PM
ok but just wonderin in ur opinion wat motor would be better for the XRL tournament ? Stage1 or stage2 ?/ **But remember stage one gets up and goes quickly around the turns and the only good stage2 is for that one 21 ft straight away ** so wat one u think i personally think stage1 because i can get around corners quickly .. ? :D

-i kinda got one prob with my xmod when i turn it doesnt make a sharp right turn it makes a nice sharp left but when i turn right it takes me longer to turn then left PLZ help wat should i do before the tournament starts PLz i have to fix this prob :eek: :(

2004.07.12, 06:56 PM
I actually never tried the Stage 1 motors since I upgraded the Xmod prior to even driving it. I immediately installed the Stage 2 motor recommended for the "road course" which if I recall correctly, is the Stage 2 motor with the second most amount of teeth--I don't have access to my Xmod right now or I could tell you. However, I also don't bother running stock Kyosho motors in my Mini-Zs anymore if I have any intention of racing them (unless it is a stock class) since I can gear down the X-speed motor.

To me the goal of the race would be to complete as many laps as you possibly can as fast as you can. By now, you should know that to win you will probably need to complete at least 19 laps based on two different qualifiers. If you can do that racing a Stage 1 motor than run a Stage 1 motor; if you can't do it running a Stage 1 motor because the car is simply too slow, try a Stage 2 motor. If you wreck too many times using a Stage 2 motor, then your overall time may be quicker using a Stage 1 motor and perhaps, you should stick with a Stage 1 motor. Don't forget you also have four different Stage 2 motors to choose from--the lower pinion should give you more acceleration but you will sacrifice overall speed. This is basically like gearing down the X-Speed as I mentioned earlier. You need to find the gearing that you are most comfortable and can get the best results based on your driving style whether it is a Stage 1 whatever step (gear) or a Stage 2 whatever step (gear).

If any of the Xmod competitors are like some of the Mini-Z racers I've met, you need to practice "racing the track" and not the other racers. After all, you may be able to beat a particular racer; however, the track may get the best of you and that other racer may get by you. A little good luck also wouldn't hurt.

As far as the turning is concerned, I worked with my Xmod for about a week every night and the stock turning stinks when compared to a Mini-Z. And although I could get it to turn manually as sharp as a Mini-Z, it wouldn't perform that way on the track. It would also turn slightly sharper in one direction. To help compensate, I put the stickiest tires up front and harder tires on the rear. I also used extreme toe in which usually effects the handling on the long straights. However, I ran my Xmod on my RCP Mini-Tile which also uses 30cm tiles instead of the tournament 50cm tiles. In other words, I forced myself and the Xmod to turn sharper than the XRL qualifier will require you too race.

2004.07.12, 09:28 PM
so your saying in my case i should put sticky tire in front and hard tires in the rear? :D on my xmod i always have to configure the steering ever time i turn on my xmod i have to configure it the "steering trim" to where it can turn right... so ur sayin sticky and hard tires will fix that prob or any other suggestions :cool:

2004.07.12, 09:57 PM
Stickier tires in the front helped my Xmod turn sharper on my RCP Track Mini-Tile. It's my understanding that the Xmod radio doesn't really have a memory, so the steering has to be reset each time unlike a better quality radio. There may also be a way to adjust the servo if it is like most R/C car servos, so it is not so far off when you first turn on the radio and car. However, I've never attempted to adjust the servo on an Xmod, so I can't help you there.

Ken Mifune
2004.07.12, 11:15 PM
The coast is clear.

2004.07.13, 01:36 AM
This tournament has really been pretty cool so far.

For your servo troubles, go to Atomic Mods on the Servo Horn recentering

I think your best set up would be the drag motor, but go around the rules, and properly break in the motor so that it runs a little bit faster than everyone. The Torque should be similar to a Stage 1, but will give a bit more higher in top speed.

I've been around X-Mod Forum goers to know not to say to do something without tell you how. So heres pretty much a quick basic break in on a motor-
1. Get some Alligator Clips, and a 2 AAA battery holder. Solder or clip the gator clips on. Also if you can just get an X-Mod motor clip(the one on the car). Solder that on, and you can use any type of X-Mod motor without a probelm.

2. Put 2 of your Ni-MH batteries in the battery holder. Then clip the clips onto the motor the way its supposed to(Red to red, black to black to black. Make sure the wire is touching the clip, and dont let the 2 Alligator clips touch each other.

3. Take a glass of water, distilled is your best bet if you can get it. Then hang the motor into the water, and clip the last connection, or put the battery in. The motor should run...

4. Let it run for about 10/15 minutes dangling in teh water, and then take the clips off and completely spray or submerge the motor in alcohol. Spray with WD-40, or some water displacement. Dry it out as much as you can, and keep on spraying. If you can take the motor apart, do it, and spray everything, and let dry.

5. Once dry, you now have a motor just a tad bit quieter, and faster than the stock motor.

BTW ONLY DO THIS ON BRAND NEW MOTORS, otherwise its useless...

And for your setup, this is what I would recommend-

Soft suspension all the way around
3.0 Tie Rod
Stage 2 Red Motor(broken in)
LSD(not likely to be allowed, but they cant go inside the diff) That or a Ball Diff
Completely stock Body

For the LSD, search Tiny for it, you'll see.