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2004.07.12, 08:05 PM
One more....RED

autoscales are cool

2004.07.12, 08:07 PM
Are you starting a new thread for every AutoScale?

2004.07.12, 08:09 PM
did you have like 50 boxes at your door when you came home? :D

2004.07.12, 08:13 PM
Three boxes at my door....and yes a new thread...why not? that way if someone searches for a certian car they can find it easy...how else would you do it?

2004.07.12, 08:17 PM
i was just jokin around hope you didn't take it the wrong way. ;)

2004.07.12, 08:21 PM
Hey cam2 I can take a joke ;) .....Its all in fun... :D I maybe should have saved some for later :rolleyes: ....oh well carried away I get, when to stop I dont know.

2004.07.12, 08:27 PM
To me, the simple purchase of an AutoScale body and announcement that someone bought one doesn't really help anyone since they can usually be found on Kyosho’s website much easier since a person doesn’t need to know the specific name of it. There is also no needed modification to an AutoScale, so it is not like it is also helping someone "fit" a body on a Mini-Z. And if the AutoScale body has never even been tested on the chassis, the post doesn’t even help provide an opinion of its handling characteristics.

2004.07.12, 08:44 PM
TNB, I can see your point, but looking at pictures on kyosho's web site and someone posting pictures on a forum for discussion are two different things. Its hard to ask questions on a manufactures web site and get honest and unbiased answers if you even get a answer at all. In a Forum such as this one "bodies" I thought it was for posting pics of bodys and discussing them. And no the autoscales require no modification but isnt that why there is a custom body forum? Isnt this a gallery for bodys? For General Discussion? And testing them on chasssies Isnt there another forum for that?

I may be wrong but thats what I thought.

Dont take this the wrong way....... :D

2004.07.12, 09:06 PM
I don't want you to take this the wrong way either or misunderstand me since I'd be all for a thread geared toward a specific body if there was some additional information to begin with other than just a photo of an unmodified AutoScale. I would have also hoped that the moderators would have activated the “image” function as well to show off such bodies if they in fact wanted such bodies to be seen. An oversight? If I recall correctly, there was discussion regarding the Panasonic-Toyota F1 body and after a few posts, I brought up how in my opinion, the body hindered the motor's movement since there was less clearance between the motor and the body when compared to the other F1 bodies that I owned. To me, that would be useful information if I wanted to race an F1 with that body style. For show, I wouldn’t have cared. In my opinion, it is sort of a balancing act where too many threads lead to less discussion and where too few threads make it harder to locate relevant information, especially when so many don’t use the search button. That’s just my opinion and it’s not like it matters anyway. Quite honestly, I’d rather see the site running faster and photos of the products for sale next to the items listed for sale. ;)

2004.07.12, 09:17 PM
At least this post stimulated a good discussion :D

I had hoped to try out all my bodies at least a few laps... if anybody ask how does it handle? Where did you get it? how much was it? Things like that I will answer the best I can.

I respect everyones opnion on this site wheather I agree with them or not. No ones right all the time and we all see things in a different way. Thank GOD or we would all have the same bodies with the same chassies and all have CATS:p

2004.07.12, 09:23 PM
hehe :rolleyes: :D

2004.07.12, 09:25 PM
Didnt get to run it yet.I think it is a very cool body.I have a yellow one that i striped,decaled,painted the rims black.Nice rims that come with it.Wish i had a camera!!!

2004.07.12, 09:47 PM

If everyone had "cats", I'd probably have a dog. :D

Actually, I wouldn't mind viewing a thread where the first post showed a nice unmodified photo of the RTR and AutoScale body, listed the chassis type, stats, characteristics, and perhaps, contained a link to the "real" automobile or race team for body comparison purposes, as well as other information. It would also be useful to note a PCB board change and any differences from the prior versions. However, I also understand that it would be time consuming for whoever does the review.

2004.07.12, 09:59 PM
I got the F50 because its the only "street" body I could find for the RM. It says it fits the RML. I have never hooked it up that way and Im not even sure what the L part of it is...Im assuming its the motor housing setup change like all the rest.

As far as doing reviews in the detail you talked about...heck i do good to post a pic and type out a few words.... :p .

2004.07.12, 10:22 PM
I believe the "L" portion of RML basically means "low" because apparently the RTR F50 RML doesn't ship with the shock mounted in place due to the rear portion of the body being so low or close to the motor. The newer "F1 MM LM" apparently also doesn't ship with the shock mounted.

I purchased the yellow F50 AutoScale shortly after RCX. I tried to purchase the RTR version at RCX, but the Kyosho guys wouldn't let me purchase any of the Mini-Zs on display or even the F50 demo they were running on the track. As far as running the F50 without a shock, I really haven't noticed much of a difference on the RCP Track. It would probably be more noticeable on a rougher or bumpier surface.

Edit: What about the MR-02RM Ferrari 575M Maranello?

2004.07.12, 10:30 PM
OK, remove the shock and go. I will give it a try. It is a good looking body and I am still liking to run the RM for some reason....

2004.07.12, 10:36 PM
You may have missed it since I edited my last post about the time you posted, but what about the MR-02 RM Ferrari 575M Maranello? I noticed it's in the MZR shop, but perhaps, the AutoScale is not available yet.

2004.07.12, 10:50 PM
Whew.....I gotta rest for a while.....maybe not buy anything else......quit spending money.....at least until my other order arrives :D

I cant remember the 575M in the shop here...I shall go see....

2004.07.12, 11:42 PM
The RTR is still listed.

Did you notice the "AutoScales" Albums?

MR-02: http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/album135?page=1
F1: http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/album139

There are also albums for the MR-01, OL, & Monster. Those albums could be updated and then the photos could be linked to discussion groups. :)

2004.07.13, 12:12 AM
it's new, it's shiny, it's red. why not show a pic.? ;)
(...i wonder if he'd like a nice yellow scuff down the left side...
or maybe the rear quarterpanel...)

2004.07.13, 05:52 PM
phredd do you think the F-50 will work with a roll shock setup? i might pick one up if it does.

2004.07.13, 06:11 PM
I bought one and gave it a try several weeks ago. Easy swap with my C5R MR02 RML. Gave me a second body to run with the chassis set-up, but no center shock. That low deck behind the rear wind screen!!

Thought it handled well, a little more twitchy than the C5R, not as stable as the Enzo. On a mini96tile track it performs well, the twitchy is a good/bad situation with all the hairpins and 90's. If you can master it, you can throw it through the corners and throttle steer it!!

Like it for a Ferrari, low lean and with a nice wing, and that beautiful red....now if I can only get my hands on that new McLaren........

2004.07.13, 06:12 PM
I dont see why it wouldnt. I havent tried it but I know the roll shock sits low enough.

2004.07.19, 01:43 PM
i got my f-50 autoscale in and the pictures i've seen don't do it justice. this car is sweet! the only problem is the 3racing motor pod i'm using is so big it's up against the body so the suspension doesn't flex. heres some pics in this link.

2004.07.19, 02:16 PM
The link is not working or at least it didn't when I clicked on it just now.

2004.07.19, 02:22 PM
let's try that one more time.http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/album399

that's wierd the link didn't work before i put this post up and now after it does work. :confused:

2004.07.19, 02:24 PM
Looks Fantastic cam2.....I have yet to try it on a chassie.

2004.07.19, 02:26 PM
make sure you log out from your album before posting links ;) that is what causes that error most of the time

2004.07.19, 02:27 PM
Looks good with those wheels though my "yellow" F50 would probably look better with those wheels. ;)