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2002.02.13, 04:05 AM

Maybe this issue has been up before.

I live with my girlfreins on 63 square meters (multiply by nine toi get it in square feets). We have a lot of furniture and I would not be permitted to have a permanent track.

So, I need advice how to construct a disassemblyable (does that word exist?) track. My ideas is to use the kitchen table and a same height shelf next to it as a base and put some kind of module track on it.

The room availble supports something like a 210x180 cm (7x6 feet) surface.

Convinient should be to devide the track into three 70x180 parts and stuff them under a bed or so when not in use.

Now to the bigg question:
How do I make propper joints or connections to asseble the three parts rigidly? Has anyuone made this before?
Should it be made by some kind of overlapping sheets of carpet?

Should be really glad if anyone could help me....

2002.02.13, 05:21 AM

I live in a 60m2 appartment and I have the same problems.

This is how I am going to do my track ( no mats yet ). I will use mat as a base and will attach about 1-2cm height foam plastic to it with cord or maybe some handy clips if I find some ( in this board was someone using some foam things to build a track and I thought that is was a great idea). so you can just roll the track to a closet when I am done and the track can be easily modified

No real experience about that yet, but in theory it should work 8)

- McIne -

2002.02.13, 06:30 AM
That requires that you can arrange quite much floorspace.

With my modules I would not have to move around any furniture except maybe the kitchen table a few inches...