View Full Version : How wide?

2002.02.13, 05:15 AM
How wide muast a track be at its narrowest piont to be driveable?

Is 10" enough?

2002.02.13, 08:18 AM
It doesnt matter, but if you have it wide it's more fun. If it's to narrow then you probly going to end up in the wall, bunsing around, and thats no fun.

I was at a race where 8 cars started beside eachother and the first thing that came on the track was this realy narrow hole where only one and a half car could fit. You can guess what happend when 8 cars try to push though there. KAOS!

No fun at all.

2002.02.13, 09:29 AM
Robert, 10" is a little narrow, but may be okay if your drivers are all experts. 10" would be fine in some sections, but around the whole track, that's a little narrow. I would go with 16" at least if possible. If you do make it narrow, then make sure that the walls are made of something that the cars can glare off of and keep going, rather than something that will grab them.

2002.02.13, 09:59 AM
The desigjn I'm sketching on has a width that warries betveen 10" and 28". It is widest at the strait and it has a 10" S-curve that can be tricky.

If I have an all wide track it wouldnt be so much to run at in my limited space (5,5'x8').

This track is just to have something at hom to pracise on, it won't be any big races, maximum four cars I think, and then it is maybe good tonhave a difficult narrow trcka at hom to gather some skill....

2002.02.13, 10:19 AM
5.5' x 8' would give u about an oval... with maybe a straightaway that kinda wiggles... or a peanut shape, or figure 8. If your the only car you can just re-use areas... no need to worry about collissions.

2002.02.13, 11:26 AM
An oval could be cool =)
Some NASCAR! =))))