View Full Version : which one ?

2004.07.24, 11:03 PM
I can't make up my mind on which mini-z to get. They all sound great but that's the I can only afford one. plz help me choose.

2004.07.24, 11:17 PM
i would look into getting an mr-02, on e-bay if u can. but it all depends on what u wanna do with it, ie. race,overland, monster fun... :)

2004.07.24, 11:23 PM
I can't really help you either since I can't make up my mind either. I can only say that my first Mini-Z was an F1, my second was an MR-02mm Enzo, my third an Overland, my fourth an.... As bENZinO basically wrote, it depends on what you want to do with it.

2004.07.25, 12:06 AM
I wanna have fun with it and race. Both my mom and dad live in apartments so its all carpeted *tear* and I know that if I drive on carpet I can't get as much speed. But we have a spare bedroom that I can put a track in :) . Since I live in clackamas, oregon (close to portland) and we have no tracks here my track would help me a lot. Which cost the least including all nescassary hop-ups ?

2004.07.25, 01:42 PM
The cheapest route right now is probably an Anniversary Edition Monster since it comes with a lot of hop ups, so basically you wouldn't be paying for stock parts to later upgrade. You should also be able to run the MMT on carpet without much if any problems.

However, it appears that more people race the MR-02s than the other Mini-Zs. As far as hop-ups are concerned, the MR-02 hop-ups are usually slightly cheaper than the F1 hop-ups. The F1 parts seem to be slightly higher than most parts (excluding the Kyosho bearings for the Monster and Kyosho oil shocks (OL & MMT), which both come "standard" with the Anniversary Edition.

Consequently, if you want to race, you may simply find yourself owning more than one type of Mini-Z unless you are able to set up an RCP Track (which costs as much as the Anniversary Edition MMT).

2004.07.25, 03:20 PM
It has come down to price and availability and my lhs has the mr-02 575m but not the 40th mmt so I will get the mr-02 unless they get a 40th in. But what parts are must haves for the mr-02 ?

2004.07.25, 08:33 PM
The mr-02 is pretty good the way it is.When you have more money,get tires,kyosho ball diff.,springs,bearings.

2004.07.25, 08:44 PM
Must have? Tires and rechargeable batteries. Then probably bearings and an X-speed or PN Speedy BB Motor. After that it's just whatever you want to spend on hop-ups, i.e, diff, oil shock, springs, alloy and carbon fiber parts, and so on.