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2002.02.14, 10:32 AM
Are there any Mini-Z racers in the north Jersey area?
Hoy about 1/10 Electric racers in the north Jersey area?

2002.08.28, 09:34 PM
my parents live in Jersey............Washington township 1/2 hour outside of Philadelphia(where I grew up).......I'm there time from time!!!!

2002.08.29, 10:50 AM
hey, i live in edison, nj,
but...my mini-z isn't up and running that often ;)
more often working on it than playing with it...
hence my horrid driving skills....hehehehe :p

2002.08.29, 10:52 AM
hey, i live in edison, nj

Hey! I grew up in Edison!

Hehe, small world!

2002.09.05, 12:24 PM
south jersey here.

2004.03.20, 12:21 PM
I know this is kinda late but I'm in Burlington, NJ. Which I guess is South Jersey. I have a 1:10th scale nitro and a almost stock mini-z..

2004.03.20, 04:06 PM
I go to North Bergen (sp?) twice a year for work. Stay at the Embassy suites really close to Giants stadium. I will be there 5/16 for the weekend. Looking for a race on Friday the 16th. Anyone interested?

2006.01.17, 03:19 PM
There are two of us who work in NNJ near the Lincoln tunnel and we race at Staten Island.