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2004.08.06, 07:50 PM
I have had my Mini-Z racer for about 2 1/2 months now and I have done the following- X-Speed, Ball Diff (Kyosho), Bearings (Kyosho), 6-Cell Mod (custom), wide radial rears, and this is what i came up with running a 9T pinion and stock spur gear.

on pHREDD's mini dyno I hit as high as 35kph/21.6mph

anybody faster considering performance parts and gearing?

2004.08.06, 10:03 PM
the proof is in the pudding...i mean the picture :D

2004.08.06, 10:12 PM
mmmmmmmmmm puuuding

2004.08.08, 12:00 AM
I guess not :D :rolleyes: :o

Z-as in Zorglup
2004.08.08, 10:54 AM
Heyy !!
Oh yeah !!
60 km/t with a blue power and 2 li-ion batts (7,2 v) but I'm not sure of pinion !!
AND it was measuring on a tamiya speed-checker !! ;)

2004.08.08, 02:27 PM
fet upgrades? turbo? you cant run those cells without one of those can you?

2004.08.08, 04:15 PM
Firstly, the Tamiya Mini-4WD Speed Checkers are renowned for not being truly accurate.
Secondly, let's see the car timed with a transponder or radar while running on a flat surface.

I do admire your enthusiasm though... :)

2004.08.08, 04:58 PM
acurate or not, we are still comparing apples to apples, as in we both used a Timiya Speed Checker. so would it really matter if it wasnt as acurate as a radar? as long as we both used the tamiya wouldnt the results be equal?

2004.08.08, 08:48 PM
Last I checked mine I was running no fet or cell upgrades on a 9t pinion, x-speed and was getting 33kph. I am willing to bet you're real heavy. I believe the l-ion bat mod is better than 6-cell and lighter. I would like to check it again since I got a 2x2 fet upgrade. I ran it outside today and it had to be going like 25mph with 12t pinion.

2004.08.08, 08:54 PM
i wanna see some pics of that 33kph with no upgrades to cells or fets, using only the 9t pinion. I just dont believe it can be done considering all the people i run with only hit 24 or 25kph, they run a 9t pinion, bearings, X-Speed, and ball diff, same as i do, the only difference is the 2 extra cells.

2004.08.08, 09:11 PM
Thanks for reminding me of the actaul speed I was running. Yeah it was like 25kph. NOT 33kph. I couldn't remember if it was 33kph or 25 kph. It was around 25 though and sorry for the bad post.

2004.08.08, 09:14 PM
its no problem, i just knew that there was no way you could have pulled that kind of spped without any upgrades, pHREDD (the one that posted the pics for me) has a 12t pinion and he only hit a 33 with stock setup. :D i am very proud of my Z

2004.08.08, 09:38 PM
THe bad part about running the 12 pinion gear is it drinks the batts fast. I also think it helped cook my f1 fets......

2004.08.08, 09:41 PM
:eek: tell me you didnt :o well looks like we have our first candidate for a turbo :D

2004.08.08, 09:54 PM
dont you remember me tellint yall my reverse went out....I put bats in this weekend and the steering fets started smoking.....I need to install all new fets for steering and foward and reverse....I already ordered the fets from mzr...

2004.08.08, 09:55 PM
:confused: i dont see why you would fry your steering fets :confused: but are you going to install the fets yourself?

2004.08.08, 09:58 PM
well....while looking at the reverse fets....i touched a pin with a screw driver to see if i could get it to go in reverse....the rest is history....Im gonna try the repair myself. Gotta try it sometime might as well be now

2004.08.08, 10:06 PM
sorry to hear that, but good luck with the repairs :D

2004.08.08, 10:10 PM
it could be the start of somthing good. nothing to lose

2004.08.27, 05:46 PM
If U want the FASTEST possible get the 45 turn from mini-z worksop. it dosent need fet or turbo and it rips on the x-speed and pn racing BB. so get thet and its olny 14 bucks or the can get the blue speed same turns but i dont think it has as much high tech stuff its only 11 bucks. But u need good tires.

2004.08.27, 06:09 PM
well this week i topped 41kph with my Z. though now it has a 2 x 2 stack of fets and a 3-Racing BB motor.

2004.08.27, 06:22 PM
it could be the start of somthing good. nothing to lose

Hey phredd just some advice since I get the impression that Soldering FET's is a new thing.

-Using a low wattage iron doesn't heat up the wire and board as fast.

-A small sharp tip works good for those tiny legs. I used a dremel to sharpen my tip to a point like a needle. Made all the difference.

-Use Rosin core solder not acid. Acid is corrosive :eek: not a good thing ;)

-Clean the iron first ;) Turn on the iron and when it's hot put a bunch of solder on it. When I mean alot I mean cover the whole thing. After the smoke clears wipe it clean with a damp sponge. The rosin actually cleans the surface of the soldering iron which help create a clean surface for the solder to cling too. Your sponge should be the type that when you buy it is already damp. Don't use the synthetic kinda polyester type of sponge because it will melt and cause more harm than help.

-Believe it or not I used a tiny dab of super glue to hold the FET in place. Just enough to glue the two together. Try not to let it run over the sides.

-Of course you want to bend the prongs straight as possible.

-After they're in place just use a little solder on the tip of the iron then use a bottom to top sweep on each leg. If you accidentally get it on two legs just clean the iron on the sponge and use the hot sharp tip to seperate the two.

That's basically what I did. I practiced on a x-mod board and then did my cars. I did two 3x2's and two 2x2's in about 2 hours, taking breaks inbetween each to drive them. It was worth taking the time and effort to make it as easy as possible.
Good luck!

2004.08.27, 07:11 PM
byebye, that is some great advise and I will put it to good use. I failed at my first attempt to stack fets but I am geared up for round 2. I realy like the super glue idea.

2004.08.27, 08:13 PM
i also used a drop of CA glue to hold them together but didnt have the common sense to use it to hold it to the board. :p

2004.09.12, 11:37 PM
You can use a super glue to stack fets?! That's great, great, information... Thanks!
Btw, I'm a lurker here...:P

2004.09.13, 07:00 AM
You can use a super glue to stack fets?! That's great, great, information... Thanks!
Btw, I'm a lurker here...:P

Well, you can use it to hold them untill their soldered...

2004.09.13, 05:37 PM