View Full Version : Tom Thumb on the 11th

The Holy Bull
2004.08.12, 01:31 AM
Just wanted you guts to know that I had a blast tonight, I still cant figure out the steering issues with my F1. I hope to have it figured out by the 25th. It was a real pleasure to meet you all. I hope I get more time to shoot the **** with you next time instead of working the bugs out of my cars. Next time I will try to run 02 mod (if I can get my board fixed). I also installed the rear shock on my F40 RML just had to trim the body. I actually have spent the last 3 hours tinkering with the cars for next time. Oh, west when and where will the pics be posted? Thanks for the info, tools, and the tips.


2004.08.13, 05:49 PM
glad to have met you guys. Racing is always fun at TTs and last night was no exception. So now you know what it's like there. It's all good

i seem to be having problems downloading these pics but when i get things figured out i'll let you know.