View Full Version : We MUST have a chat room!!!!

Charlie Brown
2004.08.15, 03:58 PM
I suggest we have a chat room, so that people who have questions can come in and talk about it there, rather than having to wait for some people to come online, or post the question on the forums and waste forum space (lol) It can also serve other purposes, like letting all kinds of mini-z enthusiasts interact without posting on the forums and waiting for answers and all...


2004.08.15, 06:17 PM
for sure,
the days when the forums are slow i'm bored as hell... lol... I think it would be great to have a chat room dedicated to the Mini-Z. It wouldn't take much to add to the site, suprising that it isn't here yet.

2004.08.17, 11:31 PM
Why not open up an IRC chat room and link it over here.

2004.08.18, 12:35 AM
One things for sure with a chat room, there may not be members getting all excited over months old posts. ;)

2004.08.19, 02:46 PM
Can someone recommend an inexpensive, vBulletin-compatible one? If so, we'll consider it - thanks! :)

2004.08.19, 10:08 PM
it is actually very easy to clone a Java chat from say Yahoo or MSN.i used to do this for my websites but i havent done it in a while and so much has changed so im not even sure if i can do it anymore. :(

2004.09.22, 09:20 PM
If you do add a chatroom, PLEASE don't make it an IRC one!!! Ahhh! It makes me cringe to think of how much spyware, adware, spam, and other malicious code IRC gives you.

2004.09.22, 10:15 PM
a simple solution.... why not take advantage of the profile questions and list aim names and you can go on aim chat? i get lots of requests every time i log on so i know other's are there :p

2004.09.22, 10:17 PM
i dont use AIM, what about Yahoo, or MSN?

2004.09.23, 05:30 AM
i have msn but i don't have it listed. the thing is most people don't fill out their profiles so you have no idea where there from or how to get in touch with them. i understand some prefer it that way but whats the harm in location?