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2004.08.17, 07:48 PM
RCP Tracks will be building the largest track to date for the International Hobby Expo in Rosemont, Illinois this October 14th – 16th. The track will be huge, with 6ft and 9ft lane widths. The track will be used for the Pro Drivers to demo the latest electric RC products from 1/18 scale to 1/10 scale. There will be large ¼ pipe skateboard style ramps incorporated into the track as well as a variety of pro smooth transition take off and landing ramps for some nice air stunts with the trucks. Our pro micro surface will be used throughout the track which will be the first time the RCP surface will be used for 1/10 scale vehicles in a major trade show. I think the pros will enjoy racing on the surface, with its great handling characteristics. I believe the RCP surface will start making home to many of the larger club and hobby store tracks that are currently using carpet for indoor racing. The surface offers great grip for most soft rubber tires and with foams the traction is wicked. CP Mini Raceway has already replaced their racing surface with RCP and the racers love the new feel and handling characteristics. CP is currently working on a large NASCAR Oval track to showcase their great new CP stock car F1 conversion products and is surfacing the large oval with the RCP texture.

RCP Tracks will also be back this year in Las Vegas for the Hobbyvisions show 2004. We will be setting up three large tracks to showcase the Kyosho micro RC car and truck products and the Kyosho Palm Cruiser boats. There will be plenty of cars and trucks available for public testing and a few demo’s run from some of the pros.

Also look for us in 2005 at both the RCX Anaheim and Chicago shows where we are already working on the tracks and displays for some new and exciting layouts. We are also working on plans for the 2005 Kyosho cup finals track, which will incorporate some new additions that we think the drivers will enjoy.

2004.08.17, 07:56 PM
cool! can't wait to see pictures.

my rcp track was also used to host the washington d.c. area's first gtg which was a great success! everyone loved the track and we are already planning the next gtg ;) i don't think i could say enough good things your product :D

you can see video clips of this last weekends event in this thread here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14476)

2004.08.17, 08:05 PM
Busy, busy--Hobby Visions 10/7-10/10/2004 then Chi-Town.

I'll see you in LV, but in case I forget to mention it and if you have time, you may want to stop by the Nomadio booth at the Chicago show. They have been working on a Sensor Transmitter Radio/Transceiver designed for larger RC cars--the transceiver is 1 inch high. I had brought up the possibility to Roy that the transceiver unit double as a transponder unit as well since the unit sends out a unique signal. Consequently and hopefully, the radio may work with Mini-Zs down the road as Kyosho changes its PCBs. Nomadio also plans to be at 2005 RCX.

2004.08.17, 08:37 PM
what's the chicago sched?

there might be a slim chance that i'll be in chicago next year...
would like to know when and where?...
thanks for any info... :D

2004.08.17, 09:14 PM

RCX will be doing two shows next year, one in Chicago and one in Anaheim, California. You can visit www.rcx.com for updates on the show. We will be setting up tracks at both shows in 2005.

2004.08.18, 01:22 AM
Wow! 6-9 feet wide lanes? With a track that big, just let all the 10th to 28th scales run at the same time. Make it a multiscale event.

2004.08.18, 01:41 PM
Looks like RCP is hard at work making additions to the track layouts with specialty pieces.

I've got a big order pending and am curious as to when the specialty pieces will be available, like the wide inside turns and mini-tile to regular tile transistion pieces.

Any word on availablility John?



2004.08.18, 06:35 PM
We are working on them, but man these high petroleum prices around the world are a killer. The prices have truly affected everything from EVA foam and plastic to all carpet products. It seems prices lately have increased every month. We have absorbed the increase for a year now, but who knows the way things will be if prices don’t start to lower soon. We are currently scheduled to have some new additions on a shipment arriving in late October/November.

2004.08.18, 08:30 PM

I have seen alot of pictures of your tracks on your site and just this past weekend spent the day driving on one at arch2b's house with him and BC. We had a great day of racing and I have to say that your tracks are top of the line and provide great racing even for the novice. Do you ever in the future plan on having RCP track hosted tournaments or have you already held a tournament? I haven't done a search for my question so sorry if it's already been asked. With the rising costs of petro and your company absorbing those costs to keep customers coming, would it be a possibility to host something like that to help sales?