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2004.08.19, 04:24 PM
Hi all, this is my first thread and post here and I'm really happy to join you!!! :)
I'm a member of the french mini-zone.net forum, a friend of Christophe, Kokopelli, lemécanodéjanté...

I'm from Montréal Québec, and my english is not very good :o Sorry about that!!!

So, I open this thread for show you my last realisation on my Overland.
I do this modification, cause the Toyota orriginal body was full of scratch and it was very ugly. Now, more I make scratch and better it is :D !!!

2004.08.19, 04:50 PM
nice! i like the holes in the hood for the lssm shocks ;)

Bad Company
2004.08.19, 05:03 PM
Nice, you do some very good work!

And welcome to the forums. Hope to see more of your stuff. ;)

2004.08.19, 05:37 PM
Thank's guy's!!!

The holes on the hood is here cause I upgrade the suspension for have much "débatement"!!! And it's so soft now :eek: .
The last time I play whit, I broke the direction case :( , now I try to found a aloy front case!!! But I dont take the time now to found it and he sleep on my PC desk :rolleyes:

2004.08.19, 06:36 PM
Nice work West! Welcome to the Forums! :)

2004.08.28, 10:02 PM
you should lower it or somthing so that it has that real pro truck suspension setup....casue i saw one race today and they are real long travel shocks with the sag set so the rear tires up in that rear well and the backs real low

2004.08.30, 03:13 PM
Good job! :cool: Where'd you get the body?

2004.08.30, 03:18 PM
Welcome to the forum West!
Nice work on that land cruiser! ;)

2004.08.31, 04:23 PM
It looks like a modified Landcruiser body..

Awesome, I like it! I agree, the more scratches, the better!

2004.09.01, 05:34 PM
It is a modified Landcruiser body my friend!!! :)