View Full Version : Northen beaches (or close)

2004.08.21, 07:19 PM
Hi. does anyone know of a track around sydney northen beaches. i dont mind traveling like 45 minutes i just want to race. i have heard that wingsnthings gladsville have a track but not Dee Why. Are we aloud to race there or is anyone going to set up a track around the place? if u are can u let me know.

2004.08.23, 10:17 PM
Hi Olly,

Looks like everyone with a z just goes to meadowbank netball courts to have a race on Sundays around 12pm.

I think it's a 5 minute walk from Meadowbank Train stations which happens to be part of the Northen Suburbs train line ie. you don't have to change trains.

2004.08.23, 10:20 PM
Most of the dudes seem to post over at www.ausmicro.com


2004.08.24, 04:47 AM
thanks for that ill have a look