View Full Version : i think i'm missing peices

2004.08.25, 04:19 PM
RCP i got my off road expansion pack today and there weren't any turn tiles just 8 straight tiles. aren't they supposed to come with the kit?

2004.08.25, 04:32 PM
That's it. There are no corner tiles or rails in the 50cm standard off-road expansion pack.

2004.08.25, 04:49 PM
my bad nevermind :o

2004.08.25, 08:17 PM
Never hurts to ask :D

2004.08.26, 05:11 PM
i was kinda hoping it did come with corner tiles so i can connect it to my wide L. i went and picked up some rock molds for train sets and i'm gonna make an off road course using the expansion pack. i'll post pics when i'm done. :)