View Full Version : rock crawl'n

2004.09.10, 02:51 PM
any body/place I can find good pics of home-made chassis for rock crawl'n the Overlander/Mini-z. I have the need to do some cutting and I am looking for ideas.

2004.09.11, 12:12 AM
Give me a little bit and I'll have something right up your alley. I'm getting ready to move into a house in two weeks, and once I settle in, I'll have a workbench to complete my custom crawler chassis.

2004.09.11, 10:52 PM
I have a few 1/10 dragsters, a few rc 10s, a rc10t, just got ride of 2 home made trucks, a micro rs4 and 2 xmods. I just ordered an Iwaver that should be in soon...yes I read the 10+ pages about the clone factor...but if Im going to gut it anyway than why not get the Iwaver...

I want to get rid of the stock chassis and do a oneoff rockcrawler. I have a few ideas but I was wanting to see some others to help set a plan in motion. I found a few pics but not what I was hoping for. I have some thoughts for the xmod but I want to try the Z style first. If anyone has a tubed chassis out there Id love to see it.

Oh well the next few weeks should be fun. I will try to come up with a plan.

2004.09.11, 10:54 PM
Stoovey, keep in touch with your project. I love to see people do things that are not the norm.