View Full Version : Yet another smashing track from Sweden!

2002.02.16, 05:50 PM
Check this out!



2002.02.16, 09:17 PM
Wow, that's one of the longest tracks I've seen!

2002.02.16, 09:27 PM
As Mini Z said, that is one heck of a long track. Looks like it would showcase the best of the mini z racers though, it will let you show off your speed on the long straights and you driving ability in the sharp corners.

Looks like it would be a blast to race on!:)

2002.02.17, 07:20 AM
True, true! To bad we had to pack it all up because the basement was filled with old comuters/monitors and stuff. And it's hard, not to mention impossible to get your hands on a 60 square meters room in Stockhom/sweden. And if you do find any it's way to expencive to rent. Unless you start a club with enteringfees and stuff. But I hope to find someting soon. And then the track will be better than ever!!

2002.02.17, 08:23 AM
Keep the faith, you guys will find something that's agreeable with everyone soon. The CRAZE is just begining!:eek:

Good Luck!

2004.11.19, 02:23 PM
Thats a monster, would'nt mine sending the f1 round there for a flyin lap :)

2004.11.19, 02:27 PM
Thats a monster, would'nt mine sending the f1 round there for a flyin lap :)

Holy cats cute women AND sick z tracks...anyone up for a gtg in Sweeden :p ?

2005.04.05, 05:07 PM
How come we don't see tracks like that here? Now i have 1 more reason to goto Sweden.