View Full Version : custom vette mr-01.5

2004.09.12, 08:01 PM
here are a few pics of the new custom paint scheme on my mr-01.5 racer. the cr5 body was looking a little tired and i thought it could use some freshing up before my trip to the pn racing event in rialto, ca at the end of the month. added some alloy enzo rims too.

2004.09.12, 08:05 PM
that looks really good, wish i had that kind of painting tallent, what is the big hole in the back window for?

2004.09.12, 08:44 PM
thanks ninja, the hole is for the transponder plug.

2004.09.12, 08:51 PM
i figured that was what it was for but had to ask to make sure, you have inspired me to paint my BRAND NEW Porche 911 GT3 tomorrow :D i already taped it off and got my paints ready :rolleyes:

2004.09.12, 09:22 PM
cool, post some pics when you're done.

2004.09.12, 09:25 PM
Nice JOB!! My wife wants the vette body. I think I will probably get her the body for an mr-02 chassis. Looks good!

2004.09.12, 09:28 PM
you can't go wrong with the cr5 ;)

2004.09.12, 10:57 PM
nice, you don't see too many CR5 custom jobbies, everyones sticking with the yellow... personally I like what you've done.

2004.09.13, 04:44 PM
nice job! i really like the lettering.

2004.09.13, 05:19 PM
ok so i couldnt wait 24 hours for the paint to cure, but after pics i put it back under the heat lamp to harden the paint up a little more. i goofed it a little in a couple spots so it isnt all that great, but it looks good in the pics. i swear i need a better camera, im sick of these shotty photos.

start here http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/albu..._Porche_911_GT3 and cycle on through hope everybody likes it.

2004.09.13, 05:41 PM
um, my avatar says it all

Still the most hooked up car in my stable :D

2004.09.14, 11:49 AM
I must say I love the custom paint on that one (since I did it) Still looks good after lots of racing and easy to spot on the track.

2004.09.14, 10:22 PM
hrehowsik... that's a cool custom... i really like it... plus the rims are way too cool... didn't know that the enzo rims would fit nicely on it...

it ranks right next to this custom c5r which i saw in h.k. some time ago...


2004.09.15, 11:52 AM
wow that west vette is really cool. the paint is way glossy. the enzo rims don't fit the vette body without dremeling out the rear wheel wells a bit herman. the additional width in the rear really improves handling quite a bit.