View Full Version : Mini-Z Shop: Credit Cards or PayPal?

2002.02.17, 10:55 AM
We get a lot of people asking if we can take credit cards, so here's a poll to gauge if enough people are interested.

2002.02.17, 11:22 AM
Well Either way, when the shopping cart is full, and the buyer is going to check out, you should just let them pay by Credit card (if the vote goes in that direction), but also have a check box to just send the funds via Pay Pal... I perfer only one place online knowing the CC #, cuz then I know who to blame ;).

So in a way it would do someting like this

[]visa []mastercard []paypal

when checking PPal the CC number box would switch to the users PayPal Email adress.. for verification purposes.

PS, reword that to:

I already order with, or HAVE, a paypal acount and am happy with it. I have yet to actualy order yet, but prefer paypal ;).

2002.02.17, 12:11 PM
I would like to order direct with a debit card as i have not got a credit card or trust paypal with all the stories i have heared about it! (take a look at http://www.paypalwarning.com/ )

Admin: check out http://www.worldpay.com they accept almost all sorts of cards worldwide!


2002.02.17, 12:34 PM
Randomly picking through pay pal complaints now and then, all I ever see is USER Error 90% of the time... Just cuz the guy selling hot radios online didnt actualy send you one, dont mean pay pal is at fault... do research on who you buy from BEFORE you buy from them.

2002.02.17, 04:10 PM
i agree with Draconious. you oughta have both options available. Im a minor, and the parental units wont gimme a credit card, so i think you oughta leave the paypal option open.

2002.02.17, 09:42 PM
I've had real good luck with Paypal in purchases I've made off the big auction site everyone in the world uses. And I've also used just my credit card buying some hop up parts from diffrent suppliers. I personally really like having the option of using either. If you set up a Paypal account you can have your checking account verified and have the money taken right from your checking account just like a debit card also. Either option is great in my opinion, but everyone does not have a CC. I think offering both would help the overall business by allowing someone to use either one.

2002.02.18, 12:13 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong but accepting creating a merchant account to accept credit cards online cost a good amount of money atleast initially.I've seen set ups for a merchant account go up to $800.That's one reason paypal was created.I think that using paypal keeps Mini-Z from those fees and keeps the price of the products a little cheaper.

2002.02.18, 10:16 AM
Right he would not use a merchant acount in my view... we would just send funds to him via a standared paypal acount... ;) unless paypal went ahead and set a limit for incomming funds. There would be no paypal shopping cart just a typical shopping cart.. with better code etc then paypal. a java or php one etc etc.. with database to search ;) so he can update the database rather then html pages for items to sell.

2002.02.18, 08:27 PM
Drac, it's actually DB-driven, not static HTML, that's how come you can search the parts DB etc. and see if the item is available for purchase. However, the monolithic parts page is too long now (we didn't originally envision stocking this many parts) and we're working on something a lot better! HKS, merchant accounts aren't that much, they are competitive with PayPal in fact, and the overall price would not be affected. Keep the feedback coming guys, remember, we're here for you!

matt b
2002.02.19, 01:58 AM
i used paypal with my discover card, it was easy.