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2004.09.22, 10:28 AM
It has arrived! :D :D :D I ordered my new battery charger and batteries and it came this morning. The best way to wake up, yay. Alright, so many of you know that I have been having serious problems with my Rat Shack battery charger and it was screwing me around. Believe it or not it was my ONLY charger for my almost Z's and it was a 12 hour charger!

What came today:
A New Logic Smart Charger 1 Hour
12 AA 2400 mHa Batteries
16 AAA 800 mHa Batteries

They shipped last week on Thursday (one day after the purchase). And I have it already. I can't believe it. I didn't even select a priority shipping or anything. And the shipping on the AAA batteries was FREE. What a deal. Anyway. I have attached images of my happy morning for everyone to see. If you are looking for some great prices on some batteries check out Power_Source on Ebay. If you are Canadian they are in Ontario, if you are not Canadian their store in North American so it is great.

Btw, you can all laugh at my IC3 Cell there without the outter warpper. That happened about a week after I got it. Those IC3 cells are some poor quality. I'll never buy them again.

2004.09.22, 10:30 AM
and some more...

2004.09.22, 11:22 AM
Let us know how you like it - it looks a lot like something we were thinking about stocking - thanks! :)

2004.09.22, 11:34 AM
Let us know how you like it - it looks a lot like something we were thinking about stocking - thanks! :)

well, i've already charged a set of AAAs and am running them as we speak. It actually took 50 mintues to charge them, not an hour. So that was great, especially since they are brand new batteries. I first tested them in my ZipZaps to get an idea of how much run time it would give on one charge (because I was having issues with alkalines) and they run at full speed for an amazing 4-5 minutes where I was only getting 40-50 seconds on an Alkaline. Secondly, I tried them in my Z and i'll let everyone know how long they will last in that and what Z they are in (specs). Charging another set of AAAs now, but have to leave the house so I wont know how long they will take, guessing another 50 minutes, yay. So happy.