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2004.09.22, 03:08 PM
ok just to clarify, i did not recieve the wrong part, i got exactly what i ordered, BUT this is what I ordered
Delrin Differential Pulley (41T) for Kyosho Ball Diff
when i got this part in the mail today, I started dis-assembling my Kyosho ball diff. got down to putting in the new Diff. pulley and it wouldnt fit. the center hole is way too small, i comapred it to the stock pulley and it was very noticeable. I used my dremmel to ream out the hole so that the new pulley fit, i was just wanting you guys here at MZR to be aware that the product description is wrong. maybe it fits the GPM ball diff, I dunno. No problems though, just wanted you guys to know about it.

2004.10.01, 10:01 AM
Ninja, sorry I didn't see this message - please post to the Customer Service section in future, this area is for feedback on the web site; thanks for the heads up; I don't supposed you could take a pic so we can see the issue? Thanks! :)

2004.10.01, 03:59 PM
i would have taken a pic, but I dremmeled out the hole before i thought about it, sorry, but it is easy to notice the difference in the diff gears. just dis-assemble a kyosho diff and compare the gear with the one i gave the part number to

2004.10.02, 01:56 AM
I had that problem before with my old powerline diff. The gear that came with it was too wide for the balls. So I found a 40t spur to put on it (Megatech) the hole was a bit small. So instead of drilling it out and getting the hole off center, I chucked the shaft into my dremmel and turned down the gear seat with emory cloth (not sure what grit, but it looked fine). Followed up with #400 and #600 sandpaper to smooth it up. Don't knock it, it worked for me.