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2002.02.17, 04:56 PM
I'm in the planning stage of building an outdoor track in my back yard. It's laid out as a replica of Laguna Seca, and will have the hills, corkscrew, timing tower and all that stuff.

My question is, what would be the best construction method? Should I lay out the track with bender board and just pave the whole course with concrete? Maybe an indoor/outdoor carpet (like a mini-golf course)? I really have no limitations on how I build it at this point, but I want it to be durable, as we'll have guest racers visiting to run the course.

Thoughts, anyone?

2002.02.17, 09:02 PM
Keep it covered or someting when not in use... ;) dirty mini-z not good.

2002.02.18, 08:48 PM
I would try to get in touch with the guy who made this and see what advice he can give:


2002.02.18, 09:20 PM
Holy Schmoly!! That's a beaut! Any word from anyone about whether it opened or not? Feedback about the road surface?

Mine's going to be a lot narrower, with only about 20" to 22" track width average - a little more in the straights for passing (28") and a little less on some of the tighter turns (16") like turn 11.

That soft plastic molding/benderboard would make nice edges, and would make laying it out quicker and more accurate. Then I'd just make a screed that levels the surface about an inch below the tops of the molding. A layer of crushed rock, tamped down as a roadbed, then about 2" of concrete over the top of that. I'm thinking that a couple coats of garage floor paint on top might me a good surface, and easy to clean.

It'll probably be under an awning, so that might help keep it a little cleaner, but I'm sure that the shop-vac will be used before each session.

I really liked the way the guy landscaped the area - I'd try to do something similar, but to mimic the real Laguna Seca's vegetation.

I'd sure be interested in anybody who's raced on that track in the Phillipines' comments about it.

2002.02.19, 11:57 AM
There is this stuff that train-modellers use to put roads in their scene. It looks like 'road' on top and stick on the bottom.

I guess it would look nice and be easy to apply, but I don't know how well the grip is and if it is a bit weather-resistant.

2002.02.19, 12:22 PM
Its likely not UV resistant.. might crack and split like the desert floor when in the sun too long. Its just a resin.. with various things added for color tone texture etc.

2002.02.19, 12:30 PM
We're probably not talking (typing) about the same thing.
I looked around a bit but couldn't find a decent pic.

It's like asphalt-colored sandpaper with a sticky bottom.

2002.02.20, 05:06 AM
haven't been to the tracks yet... what i do know is that it's outdoors...

don't know what type of material he used for the surface is as well...

i will post a review after i try the tracks out.

here's a link to the tracks that i frequent... it's indoors and air conditioned... :D