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2004.09.29, 10:57 PM
Tonight was another race night down at Tom Thumb. Tonight's race was not for series points, as we just finished up the Summer 2004 series, but was simply a fun race night and the awards presentation for the Summer series.

For the exhibition racing, tonight I did pretty well. In MR-01 modified, I took the win, but I think Dustin was not on his game, or he was simply tanking it. :rolleyes: In F1 (brand new car tonight, I simply dropped in Xspeed) I was forturnate to do really well in the second heat to make up for a 4th place finish in heat 1. First heat was rough with insanely slick tires out of the box. Changing that for race 2, I took first in F1 for the overall. (Dustin broke)

The most fun of the night, was the MR-02 class, and Vallo (damn that guy :) ) beat me for the overall win by something like 3 tenths of a second. Excellent racing, and a really great run. We continue to have some seriously close racing that is continually coming down to the wire in the mains. A blast to race.

On to the awards bits. Mike went out of his way to get all the place finishers very nice wall plaques. Just wanted to say thanks to Mike for all he does for the local race scene, we continue to get new racers, and the program continues to grow, and Tom Thumb has been a great host to many races. Thanks Mike. :D

For the Summer 2004 series, I did pretty well. Having missed 2 races of the 8 race series, I think that may have hurt just a bit, but I was able to drop the 2 worst races of the season. Those misses were my drops, but both Vallo and Dustin had a great series to beat me in both classes. Vallo REALLY turned up the wick in the second half of the series to really come out the dominating racer. He took the series win with a 7 point margin. In MR-01 Dustin dominated and took the series win by something like 20 points...he was unstoppable. For me personally, I was able to salvage a second place in MR-02 Modified, and a second place in MR-01 Modified for the series. Mike handed out the plaques tonight, pretty slick, should look great in my office here at the house. ;)

Here is a shot of the plaques, and the LPR MR-02 Ferrari Enzo, and MR-01 Ferrari F50:


2004.09.29, 11:19 PM
Good going. :)

2004.09.30, 05:34 AM
very nice looking :cool:

2004.09.30, 07:44 AM
congratulations! We are all in this for the fun and thrill of racing, but when a shop goes a little farther and gives out the plaques like this, it makes it all the more special. They did a nice job on them. So in that mind set, Congratulations to BOTH Tom Thumbs and latency!!
Let us not forget, that this racing is all for pride and bragging rights! :)

2004.09.30, 12:50 PM
I know that Sasso and Abe can't wait to put stock car skin on all their F1s.

:D :D :D :D

Dustin did say last night to have Mike hold him a kit, so he will be cupin' it too. :)

2004.10.01, 11:20 AM
Nice! latency, can you email me, got a few things I want to chat about. Can you also ask Mike to email me? Thanks! :)

2004.10.01, 02:31 PM
Nice! latency, can you email me, got a few things I want to chat about. Can you also ask Mike to email me? Thanks! :)

Hey D, YGM (I think...email page timed out on me once, sent again)

Chat soon! :D

2004.10.01, 02:31 PM
Got it, thanks; will email you shortly! :)

2004.10.02, 11:05 AM
wow, that is pretty amazing... love how they went the extra mile for those awards... it's great to see... wish there was something around here like that... as some of you know i've been looking into opening a small hobby shop in my area, and that would be a great way to promote mini-z races.

Tom Thumb Hobby
2004.10.13, 08:03 PM
Here (finally) is the link to the final points for the Summer Series 2004. Congrats to the winners. I am looking forward to the start of the next series on 10/20/2004.

Final points- Summer Series 2004 - Tom Thumb Hobbies (http://www.tomthumbhobbies.com/reports/final.htm)