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2004.10.05, 09:47 PM
Thought I'd start a new thread to see if anyone has any info on the various RCP track innovations that are mentioned in the threads, but don't seem to show up in the shop. Here's my list:

1. Blank track pieces for 50 and 30 cm tiles.
Many people seem to have received extra blanks, but there are no sets available in the shop. How do we order these?

2. Transition expansion pack
This is the set that connects the large and small tiles for people, like myself, that have both the 50 cm and 30cm tracks. It was mentioned in the past that they would be available in September. Have these been manufactured or not. And, how do we order them?

3. Wide inner turns
These are for making wider turns (like for the NASCAR type tracks) Anyone know if this is for both the 50cm and 30cm tracks or just one size. Have they been made? Again, how do we order these?

4. Lap timer system
This one is pretty hot on the wishlist. RCP MiniZ mentioned a testing date a couple of weeks ago, but nobody has posted a review and described how (and how well) the system works. Anyone want to give us the info. There was a mention in the threads that a few early kits would be available soon for those interested. Any more word on this. And, again, how do we order these?

I did email RCP Tracks about ordering these twice (because I want them all!!!) and haven't received a reply. I realize they are a relatively small operation and are swamped with the LHS's doing bigger orders, but I would like an update if I could to at least whet my apetite. And it bums me out when other people have received some of the extras (like the blank tiles), and I can't even get an email reply.

Anybody have more info on these things? Especially, something more than rumor.

Thanks. :)

2004.10.08, 06:19 PM
Check out www.corespeedway.com for a sneak peak at the racing system.
We'll make an official press release soon and will provide all the contact
details for those interested in the beta test program.

--Core Analog

2004.10.08, 06:44 PM
COOL :D can't wait to give this a run :cool:

2004.10.08, 06:58 PM
ah... dog tag technology? ;)

I'll beta test one using linux (will have to install that on older PC that I dont use after I down size the case) -- if I can get one cheaper ;)

2004.10.08, 07:53 PM
awesome CoreAnalog cant wait tosounds like thats right up my alley

2004.10.09, 03:22 AM
This lap counter looks outstanding. Thanks.

Anyone, know about RCP tracks?

2004.10.09, 07:36 AM
(this is the RCP system as far as I know?)

yep very interesting ;)

RFID Technology has made significant advances in 2002. In 2003, we look forward to:
Declining costs, including 40 passive transponders
More standards for better interoperability between different vendor equipment
Lower power consumption

Could just use those cheap printer label ones on the bottom of the Z... :)

Curious will the lap counter be able to read the ID off of a dog tag too? that might come in handy with all the stray animals around here lol... hey look fido is in 3rd place!!!!

2004.10.10, 11:57 AM
This sounds like what Im looking for my track the price is great plus looks like it will be a great way to get my club of the ground please put me on an email for updates and if you have anymore beta testing positions available