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2004.10.09, 07:47 AM
Here's my lastest project;
homemade chassis and SSG frontpart copied from a Pocket Knife. Alterd the wheelbase and a PN MM motorstay to fit the long wheelbase of the cayenne. TC (Gulfman) made me some ring on the Kyosho alu wheels to give it an inch up and wider thread. Used a demper with carbontube to add springs. Must connect the batts yet and add a lightset...
What do you think?

2004.10.09, 09:12 AM
wow, it fits the character of the cayenne very well. i have a silve one and love it.

my only quib would be that the racer tires look a tad too tiny as you can see especially in the front. how would it look with overland tires? i love the black one too, just to hard to see on my track
see my cayenne (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album297/IMG_3209.sized.jpg)

2004.10.09, 03:40 PM
love those wheels, what are they? would they work with a wide 01 body?

2004.10.09, 11:42 PM
Nice... Real nice... Foams always look cool. Why is it called Pocket Knife?

Pro-Z Racing
2004.10.10, 11:38 AM
originally it started out a pro-z pocket knife.

Great job on the custom work.

2004.10.10, 03:38 PM
pocket knife is a carbon fiber Pro-Z chassis for the Mini-Z