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2004.10.16, 01:22 AM
Remember how the monster kicked booty thursday night? I just finished the 7.4 volt 2 cell Li-ion mod and man is it fast. I would out run any car on the courts last thursday including my McLaren. wheelies anytime you want and anywhere you want for as long as you want. Here is a couple picks



2004.10.16, 08:31 AM
love the aggressive stance! very nice. any chance you can get video?

2004.10.16, 08:43 AM
love the aggressive stance! very nice. any chance you can get video?

Yes...I can get video....I will take my camcorder with me on race night.

Im running a PN S04 in the MMT along wih the Li-ion and OMG : :p :D :cool:

2004.10.16, 09:06 AM
Its time to get alloy....This broke from the torque..i didnt hit anything.


2004.10.16, 09:31 AM
ouch.... i've seen those before. with all the speed and power you should be ok getting alloy gearboxes. sounds like you have more than enough to overcome the addditional weight

2004.10.17, 06:14 AM
I just may have my MMT on the way :rolleyes: we will just have to wait and see :D

2004.10.17, 10:43 AM
IS that a Dean's pug I see?? Would I burn my ESC if I attached one 3300 cell or maybe two to my OL?

2004.10.17, 10:53 AM
You can Find all My battery info HERE (http://www.atomicmods.com)

2004.10.17, 10:57 AM
Would I burn my ESC if I attached one 3300 cell or maybe two to my OL?
you wouldnt have enough voltage to drive the car

2004.10.17, 05:16 PM
good stuff dude, now you need to go and put a HUGE pinion gear on it!


2004.11.04, 11:34 PM
I finally got to test the MMT with the Li-ion batterys/PN S04 on the tennis courts. Man is this thing fast. It handled suprisingly well considering it is a MMT. on a full charge it was very hard to stop but once the batts went down some it started handling like it should. I didnt run it all the way down but it was driven off and on for at least 30 miniuts. I check the voltage when I got home and it still had 7+ volts left in the batts. All in all its a great mod for the MMT. and No video yet but im gonna....(soon)

2004.11.05, 11:45 AM
you wouldnt have enough voltage to drive the car
Yeah, that's true... it would only be around 2.4 vots if you used two cells... from my understanding anyway

2004.11.16, 08:25 PM
I got my 16 tooth pinion installed in my MMT tonight and good LORD....I thought it was fast before. It just may be too much for this little bugger. I am in the process of building my plasma dash motor for it. I have all the parts in I just need a lttle time to build it.

It will be at the courts thursday

2004.11.16, 08:32 PM
well i broke my MQ already and i ordered new parts (many sets) and will have it with me Next Week for everybody to check out. this week i will only have my 02 and TC3 with me, unless parts from Toy East get here tomorrow ;) 3 PCB sets and 3 sets of channel 13 xtals :D no more frequency checks for me. if my parts come in i will hopefully be able to get my OL and 01 running by Thursday and have them with me as well. My TC3 has new skates :D notice i said skates not shoes, skates as in Drift Tires and wheels. The wheels i got off of the bay for a very good deal. $13.50 for 4 sets shipped to my front door. so if someone gets a 1:10 scale sedan and wants to drif it then i could make them some Drift wheels for a small Fee. While my MQ is down waiting for parts i am in the process of making a light kit for it, already have the battery and headlights wired for it, just need to do the tail lights and shrink wrap it all nice and neat.

2004.11.16, 09:08 PM
I got the plasma motor finished and lordy miss gordy...it beat my best motor by 4km/h

I think it may have the best torque of any motor I have also... i will have to test at the courts to know for sure but on the speed checker it beats everything hands down

2004.11.22, 06:53 PM
well im ready for another 5 minutes of fun. I got my alloy dampers in today (thanks mini-zracer) and installed them. A few laps aroung the house and its ready for racing...uuhhh...I mean showing off. I hope it will make it another 5 minutes on the open courts. The 16 tooth pinion is the bomb!!!

2004.11.22, 07:08 PM
lol, when are we going to the courts again?

2004.11.22, 07:11 PM
well if the tracks dont come in this week...maybe sunday...I spoke with David today and he can do it around lunch on Sunday. Ninja, did you talk to Todd?

2004.11.22, 07:23 PM
no, we didnt work today, i will talk to him tommorow but i think David probably called him