View Full Version : turbo/fet modified class-cp-cup car

2004.10.16, 10:15 PM
Is anyone interested?Mabey an f-1 based unlimited modified class. Possibly the use of li-poly batterys or 6 cells.Aftermarket servos??? Hey Eric lay out some guidlines for us so we can buld some cars!! :) Please post if you are interested we would need at least 5 or more serious peaple.

2004.10.16, 10:18 PM
hey mabey this: any motor(so 3 ect) any set of 4 aaa ni-mh battery, modified elctronics or turbo. Modified chassie and suspention. :cool:

2004.10.17, 10:28 AM
all i have is a 2x2 4xxx fet'ed cup car chassis...

2004.10.17, 09:00 PM
who would you recomened to fet a car? could i do it my self?

2004.10.17, 09:41 PM
depends on your soldering skills

2004.10.17, 10:52 PM
well i I install 12volt electrinics in full size cars ,like remote car starters and car alarms. I also repair some trasmitters,mostly replacing LEDS on the circut board and sometimes momenary swicthes.It save on the warrenty work!