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2001.11.16, 11:23 PM
What are the stock servo gears made from ? Delrin ?

2001.12.07, 03:37 AM
i think its nylon

2001.12.07, 11:53 AM
its awful weak for nylon... its some cheap arse plastic thats for sure... Kyosho should start selling mold kits so you can make yer own, you have to replace them so often ;) hehehe....

Ken Mifune
2001.12.07, 01:42 PM
I was thinking about molding Servo Gears and Tie Rods.
I think all these parts are flat on one side so all you need is a one-piece mold that's open and flat on the top. Fill it with a resin & fiberglass chop mixture. That should be plenty strong.
Before making the molds, add a reinforcing fillet at the base of the "nub" to the main servo gear (super glue works). And the TieRod would need a radius on the backside edges inside the notch for the "nub". The mold can be made out of Bondo with a silicon liner. For a mold release, brush in a very very thin coat of Vaseline.

or you can just buy the parts, but this is called a "Hobby" for a reason.

2001.12.07, 10:27 PM
Time for mini-Z to start machining out some metal molds for the tie rods and servo gears ;) muhahaha... I want machine shop access so bad it hurts ;)...

Free cad data if you let me in Mini-Z hehehe.... I'll whip up the molds in 3D for either, should take me all of 20 seconds since I already have the parts in 3D, just have to reverse it, and boom mold. Could make like 10 or so molds give a few to the racers (I'll want one :D)... and use the rest to make sellable parts from yer shop.

Could melt the old broken parts down for materials -- even if its cheap arse plastic...

2001.12.14, 03:12 PM
will the servo saver on the F1 series fit on the regular miniz's?
as well...are they even available as a replacement part?
haven't had the luxury of taking an F1 apart yet...so...
any info would be great ;)

2001.12.14, 03:37 PM
Agreed the stock Servo gears are feeble plastic items. Definitely not durable enough to be nylon!
I think I have bought about 5 sets. (I keep two sets spare in my toolbox)

Running the Mini-Z without a chassis seems to be the main reason I break them.

I have also read on the Mini-Z F1 forum that the Mini-Z F1 gears are also fairly fragile too.

I have seen cast aluminum (I think you guys in the U.S.A. call it- we British call it 'aluminium') replacement Servo gears somewhere. I am sure Mini-Z Admin would know who makes them, it could be Eagle Racing or some other aftermarket company, but I am positive I have seen them and the relevant catalogue picture.
I have churned through my bookmarks, but obviously I didn't bookmark the damned page! *Curse* :mad:

I will definitely be investing in a few sets of the cast metal servo gears once I've worked out where exactly I saw the things.



2001.12.14, 04:05 PM
GPM makes them, and we can get them, email us at shop@mini-zracer.com if you'd like to order a set. Thanks!

2001.12.14, 04:09 PM
I just broke a brand new GPM cast metal servo gear

2001.12.14, 04:11 PM
Wow! What were the circumstances?

2001.12.14, 04:27 PM
I got no idea. I was testing out my new GPM 038 motor with turbo. I had my chassis on so I must have been kinda "lucky" to hit it on the right spot. The "rod" that sticks out of the gear broke and not the teeth which is where it usually breaks.

2001.12.14, 04:40 PM
Well if you can break a metal gear there, its probly got a weak spot too, my servo saver idea is looking more and more worth while ;)

Maybe I will fork the dough to start investment... I just wish it wasnt 3 grand a month to rent the CnC machine I want. I need a cheaper one, so the price I sell them for isnt more then a crate of gears... :rolleyes:

What would a simple device that saves gears (90-95% of the time they would normaly break) be worth to any of you? I am hopeing to sell it for less then a pack of servo gears! but its starting to look like I might have to charge 10-15 or more.

And as for the F1 gears fitting in Z and visa versa, Stella sells them as F1 or Mini-Z gears, I asume that means they will fit... but that might also just be their way of saving auction space, buy either-or for the same bid.

2001.12.14, 04:43 PM
i thought the F1 series have a servo saver...
what sort of design do the f1's use?

2001.12.14, 06:58 PM
Servo saver = Less responsive steering unless you can change springs or something right (never seen a mini z f1 saver:( ). There's an idea, use the servo saver with the optional spring sets for the suspension if it uses springs.