View Full Version : HA! Broke the Z, too!

2004.10.20, 10:25 AM
Well after breaking off 1/2 of the power wires on my X Mod, I figured the Z's were built to a higher standard, right? One of the motor wires broke off the terminal plate. It's an easy fix, I know. But that got me thinkin; am I too hard on my cars? :o

2004.10.20, 10:33 AM
it's the nature of micro electronics. however, i think for the most part, the beginner doesn't open the cover much so wires don't get messed with. this doesn't mean they still won't break

2004.10.20, 12:09 PM
I know you know how to use a soldering iron Eric....I seen u in action. :p

2004.10.20, 12:32 PM
I just have too much going on with skool right now to get around to fixing them. :rolleyes: Cal II test tomorrow, physics lab report due tomorrow; sociology test sometime. I'll still be at the races though; with fixed cars and no sleep. :cool:

2004.10.20, 01:31 PM
I'll still be at the races though; with fixed cars and no sleep. :cool:

THats what you said last week :rolleyes:

2004.10.20, 01:48 PM
But I had to work all night. Tomorrow I'm off work. As soon as I finish my Cal II test, I'm free for the day; it starts at 1. I'll be there tomorrow, you just wait and see. ;)

2004.10.20, 02:55 PM
OK I expect to see you there....with your fixed Z. :D

2004.10.21, 12:13 PM
I find that no matter how easy going you are with these cars the wires are just not soldered well enough to handle racing. They are perfect for going around an RCP with stock everything, alone... but add a car in there with it and all hell brakes loose. You have to remember that it is a hobby, that means 90% maintainence and 10% fun.

2004.10.21, 12:16 PM
But the 10% fun by far outweighs the 90% maintenance :D

2004.10.22, 05:09 PM
Maintenance is fun! I'd much rather maintain my R/C cars than replace spark plugs/wires and change the oil on my real fast car. ;)