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2002.02.18, 10:33 PM
How should I configure the front end of my car so it gets more steering? ( I have the stabilizer bar as well as springs). Also, I notice that the front tires are screeching and sliding when I make a turn, how should I fix this?

2002.02.18, 11:08 PM
Please post your current tires (front and rear) and suspension settings and I'll help diagnose.

2002.02.18, 11:17 PM
Right now the settings are:

30 Degrees slicks front, 20 Degrees slicks rear

Front Green Springs (hard)
Front Stabilizer with soft carbon plate installed

Rear Oil Damper with default spring, and collar set almost completely loose, roll shocks with default springs

All of these hop ups (except rear slicks) were from Kyosho


2002.02.18, 11:26 PM
Okay, first of all try softer springs up front, then softer tires. Basically your current setup is the cause of these symptoms.

2002.02.19, 06:52 PM
Right now it's running with yellow springs front, it still screeches. Are the stock (black) springs softer?

2002.02.19, 07:25 PM
Yellow is hard - try green, then red.

2002.02.19, 07:35 PM
oh, didn't remember that yellow was hard:)

2002.02.19, 09:45 PM
Now, a question on body roll. Is it ideal to have more body roll? Does it help with cornering?

2002.02.19, 10:35 PM
No, you want to try to minimize it to stay consistent. That's part of why sports cars seem so stiff and bumpy compared to other cars.

2002.02.20, 05:28 PM
Should I stiffen my roll shocks (they are on default springs now)

2002.02.20, 05:41 PM
Is it the front that's rolling?

2002.02.20, 08:55 PM
No, the front seems to be a bit better now. Right now I am referring to the roll shocks at the back, (if I should add stiffer springs), since you commented on the fact that less body roll is better

2002.02.21, 05:26 PM
Should I stiffen the rear roll shocks?

2002.02.21, 09:50 PM
Probably not - so is the steering improved now?

2002.02.22, 05:24 PM
yes, and I also went ahead with the stiffer roll shocks. It's now more stable during turns, but not as agile! Should I try soft or medium roll shocks instead?

2002.02.22, 05:38 PM
In my experience the soft roll shocks are the only ones that allow any action of the rear pod anyway, so I would give them a try.