View Full Version : Motor break in?

2004.10.25, 07:55 PM
I saw ninja stuck his new S04 on his Dremel and I've read others run the motor under water. WTH? I reckon I need to break in my S04, but how? :confused:

2004.10.25, 08:07 PM
hook 2 cells to it and run it about 10 min and reverse for about 10 min...your done

2004.10.25, 08:39 PM
Reverse polarity for reverse, right? :o

2004.10.25, 08:42 PM
10-4 thats all i did

2004.10.25, 08:54 PM
i thought of doing mine that way as well but instead of killing my batteries i decided to use the "slave" method, that is using another motor to drive the motor being broke in. you get a smoother com/brush connection this way. it is most common in the Nitro Engines tho, they use an old worn out motor to turn the new one and break it in to keep it from overheating during the vital times of the piston and sleave break-in

2004.10.25, 09:27 PM
How did you attach the slave motor to the new motor?

2004.10.25, 09:30 PM
i bought a collet set for my dremmel a while back to use with my precision drill bits, that way i also could fit the 2mm armature of a 130 size motor in it. i just locked it in like a drill bit and put a small piece of tape from the motor can to the dremmel to keep the whole motor from spinning. then i just turned it on and kept an eye on the com and brushes through the little hole on the endbell to see when it was done :D

2004.10.25, 09:34 PM
I see. And how can you tell when it's done?

me are teh dum.

2004.10.25, 09:37 PM
the com starts out as being really shiney, almost polished, then as the brushes and com wear to fit each other the com will start to darken from the edges, moving towards the center, when there is no more shiney surface left then the brushes are making full contact with the com, letting more current flow through efficiently, meaning more power, and longer run- times

2004.10.25, 09:42 PM
Ah. I'll give it a shot.

Ken Mifune
2004.10.25, 10:01 PM
Running the new motor on low voltage is a better method. The problem with turning the new motor with another motor is that the new motor is not turning on it's own magnetic plane. There's a slight shift of the armature in the can when the motor has current flowing through it. The amount it shifts will differ for each motor due to the variances in the windings.

2004.10.25, 10:15 PM
So it would be better to stick a single AAA on it and let 'er go?

2004.10.25, 10:18 PM
Use 2 AAA cells and let er go

2004.10.25, 10:32 PM
Aight. :cool: