View Full Version : Meeting?

2004.10.25, 08:40 PM
What's this super secret meeting ya'll keep mentioning but not telling me about? :( I can take a hint.

2004.10.25, 08:46 PM
Do you mean the meeting where Todd was going to meet me at the LHS to pick up his OL then he decided to just meet me at my work to get it? If thats the meeting your talking about you can see why you were not invited ;) . If its another meeting...I got left out too :D

2004.10.25, 08:51 PM
nope that was it, Fred can you bring me a couple Stock FETs thursday (if you have any good ones)

2004.10.25, 08:53 PM
ill see if i can dig up a couple

2004.10.25, 09:26 PM
Oh I see. Well fine then. I didn't wanna go anyway. :p