View Full Version : my Kinetic Fly CLK

2002.02.19, 02:19 AM
me and my buds' clks

2002.02.19, 02:20 AM
the back view
check out the license plates

2002.02.19, 02:24 AM
solo pic

2002.02.19, 02:25 AM
get your friend to guess if these are real or fake!

2002.02.19, 02:26 AM
our future track under construction

2002.02.19, 02:49 AM

Knights in white satin?
Nice team look there, Ken will also enjoy them ;)
That CLK of yours looks well raced man, you need a front bumper for that car :)

Who are Kinetic Fly by the way?

2002.02.19, 06:44 PM
Kinetic Fly is a brand label of clothes that belongs to my friend and is also the team name of our hockey team sponsored by them so we just used it cos we had some nice stickers lying around.

Can't use the bumpers for my clk body they're too close to the ground when I race and affects my steering. I have no idea why its like that even though I did not use any spacers on my kingpin to lower my front.

2002.02.19, 07:24 PM
jagr, which bumper did you try? Check out the GPM, they make one just for the CLK:


2002.02.19, 08:00 PM
yes I'm using the GPM one. what I meant was that my CLK body is too low and the clearance in the front below is not enough to fit a bumper and yet have very good steering for sharp turns. Its just my car and my body I think. my friend's clks have slightly more clearance than mine but I'm fine with it. the clk body can survive without a bumper

Ken Mifune
2002.02.20, 12:05 AM
...huh?... what?... hey.

this isn't my CLK venting thread... where am I?

oh, I see.

I like the idea of a Team paint scheme but personally I would loose track of who's who if things got hairy during a race. I know there's numbers on them but I'd also probably do something dumb and use numbers like: 16 & 91 or 18 & 81. Although, 69 & 11 are a good contrast.

My favorite pic is the one of building supplies on raw ply wood;)

2002.02.20, 08:10 AM
jagr, what kinda wing is that on the yellow altezza?

2002.02.20, 09:49 AM
its one of GPM's wings I forgot which one. Take a look at GPM's catalogue you should be able to recognise it

2002.02.20, 12:11 PM